About BULGARIA in few words.

First words to learn in bulgarian? torbichka - you will hear it many times while doing your groceries. Later - chasha, when you start to order chasha cherveno vino.


Taste & Share Christmas edition

Let's check which countries did we explore this time in our intercultural event!


Professionals and students met in Varna to discuss the good practises in international professional mobilities

Association FOR YOU organized an event aimed for students, young people and professionals at HALE3 Varna

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Everyone can be great ... because everybody can do services. For this , it is not necessary to graduate from college. It is not necessary to be able to properly coordinate the subject and predicate. You just need a heart full of mercy. From soul, guided by love.
                                                                                                          / Martin Luther King Jr. /

If you want to contribute to the successful development of our projects and activities for people with disabilities and children with special educational needs, you can donate money through our bank , contact us by phone: +359898819160 or visit our office.
Bank account in BGN
First Investment Bank
IBAN: BG13FINV91501204080583
Association 'For You'

At this point we need support for the initiative: Socialization and integration of children with special educational needs.
Your donations will help disadvantaged people to a dignified and fulfilling lives, children - to socialize and integrate into society. Rich is the one who can help the weaker!

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