free EVS places in organization “Ceribu sparni”

Project details:
Contact person: Dace Zariņa
Organization “Cerību spārni” (“Wings of hope”)
Location: SIGULDA, Latvia
Number of wanted volunteers: 5-7
Deadline: 20/08/2011
Start: 01/01/2012
End: 31/12/2012

Information for Volunteers
To be a volunteer:
• you have to be at least 18 to 30 years old
• you have to be available for 12 months
• you have to be able to speak English, Russian or Latvian at least at a basic level of understanding
• you have to have a sending organization (if you don’t have one already you can search on the electronic database at: http://ec.europa. eu/youth/ evs/aod/hei_ en.cfm )
•you have to send a CV (photo is necessary), and a motivation letter emphasizing your interest and motivation in relation to the project you are applying for and some words about your background.
• you have to be interested to carry out various activities in the field of mental, phisical health, social work and work with youth – we also consider prior experience in the field as an advantageous point

Please, make sure that you mention any serious – chronic health problems, allergies, etc.

Also, make sure that you send us your contact details (phone number, e-mail, other relevant contact like Yahoo messenger ID, Facebook, etc.) as well as a contact of your sending organization if you have it (or as soon as you will have it)
Note that, developing initiatives, being positive, energetic, communicative, friendly, talkative, smiling and patient person as well as “team-worker” are all considered as “wanted” features.

You have to be flexible to take on a great variety of tasks and to be ready for spontaneous reactions towards the needs of the young disabled people.
In attachment you can read the project and our organization description.

Please, if you have any interested volunteer in working in the field of mental health, phisical health, social worker, youth worker than interested volunteers should send me their applications directly by 20th of August. In your application must be included the CV, a personal motivation letter where volunteer could explain how does he see himself in social and volunteering life. Please add also your photos. After 20th of August we will finish selection of volunteers and will prepare the application form and activity agreement with the sending organisation and volunteer and apply to the national agency for the September 1st deadline.