For Ahmet 5 Months in Varna

Hallo I am Ahmet from Turkey. I am working at Association FOR YOU as a volunteer.   I came to Varna five months ago. This trip was very special for me because this was my first trip to foreign country.  I had questions on my mind; How can I speak? How can I communicate with other people?  Do I like my Project? Can I be happy there? etc.  Early on I could not speak english or bulgarian language. But I learnt in time and I still continue to learn. I took bulgarian course for short time.  For english I am studying just myself. Now I am going to Varna English Conversation Club to improve.  But now I survived my communication problem. At that I can speak enough.  Now I have friends from seventeen different countries (Bulgaria, Russia, Ukrain, Denmark, Italy, Spain,Iceland, France, Romania, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Germany, Canada, USD, Austria, Georgia, Lithuania, Tatarstan, Denmark) All of them means a different life experience for me. I saw that the human being is our common point.   I am happy that I came here, I met different people and of course about help to disabilities. My Project is about  youngsters with disabilities. It was hard for me in the begining. But later I got used to this. And I learnt to give thanks for my health. I understood it that to be healty is enough to be happy. Now I am exactly in middle of my project. I have more five months. Second part of my project will be better than first part because now I am more experienced, I know real happiness and I love Varna

Best regards