Cristina volunteering in Bulgaria

Cristina volunteering in Bulgaria

I am Cristina, from Spain. I come from a little village in Galicia, a region located in the northeastern part of Spain. I decided to come to Bulgaria because the idea of going to a Balkan country was very attractive to me: the culture, the music, the people…and Varna is a very cool city in the coast and lots of cultural activities. You always find something interesting to do! I am really enjoying my stay and I had the chance to meet nice people that make me enjoy every day here.

I arrived the first of July and I am going to work in Association For You for one year. I am a journalist and I’ve previously worked with another NGO’s in Spain that work on gender issues and people with HIV/Aids. Here I will work with youngsters with disabilities so it’s a new field to discover. All the workshops and main activities will start on September so these months we are working on more bureaucratic stuff and of course getting ready to have fun with the youngsters and do a lot of things together. The project I take part in is about integration through art. I love crafting and I’d love to organize an upcycling workshop to make new objects out of waste materials and useless products. It’s a very good exercise to use everybody’s creativity and think about new uses and a second life for objects we don’t need anymore. Power to the imagination!

We also had time to travel and discover beautiful places around the country. Last weekend Robi, the other volunteer, and I went to Cape Kaliakra, the botanical garden in Balchik and to the restaurant in the Mussel Farm of Dalboka. As you can imagine their specialty are the mussels, even the desserts are made with them ( I really love mussels but even though I didn’t dare to try it with something sweet). Our mentor Iliana and Elina, the president of the organization were our special tourist guides and told us a lot of stories and myths about all that places we visited. It was a very nice trip as it’s a really beautiful natural area in Bulgaria.

Iliana, Robert, Elina and Cristina in Balchik

I am also studying Bulgarian for 7 hours and a half per week, so I hope I’ll make progress and be able to communicate with the bulgarians.

I’ll keep you informed about what’s going on!