Cleaning in the Pirin Mountain


The last weekend of July I went with Iliana and Robi to Pirin Mountain to participate as volunteers in a cleaning event organized by За Земята, an environmental organization established in Sofia that organizes the cleaning event in Pirin since 1999. We went there by train. It was a long journey, because Pirin is in the other part of Bulgaria so it took us 16 hours from Варна but the train from Септември to Разлог goes through the mountains and the views are very nice. I really enjoyed it. The camping area was where the Яворов chalet is located. The first day we had a meeting with the rest of the volunteers to know what our tasks would be. There were around 50 other volunteers, most of them Bulgarian, but we met also French, Belgian and Australian people. Robbie and me were the only EVS volunteers. After a good rest we woke up early to start the cleaning in an area next to the lake. We walked for more than two hours. We picked some nettles and Iliana made a salad with it.

In some of the areas we went the first day we couldn’t find so much rubbish so we started to clean in the area closest to the huts and there were tons of buried glass bottles and cans. Only the first day more than one ton of rubbish was collected. This gives us an idea of how careless people are sometimes when they visit natural areas, thinking that volunteers are the ones that should pick up their rubbish, and not considering the huge impact for the environment that their irresponsible behavior has.

This was a very nice trip and awesome experience because as EVS volunteers we are motivated to participate in other voluntary activities and meet new people. We left on Sunday morning because the trip is long and we hitchhiked for a while to get to Разлог and catch the train to Варна.