I love the mountains and the Bulgarian ones are very good spots for hiking. Тhe first week of October I went to Rodopi Mountain with Elina, the coordinator of Association for You and Iliana, my mentor and their boyfriends. We spent there four days. We travelled by car, which takes around 7 hours from Varna. There, we were hosted in a chalet in Chepelare, a small town next to Rodopi. The place is beautiful and to reach the town we had to drive through the mountains wich offer a very special view.

One of the first stops was Cнежанка, the highest peak (1926 meters) in the region of Pamporovo and Букова планина. It was very calm at this time of the year so it is the perfect place where to disconnect from the city. Besides, the weather was perfect so we were able to have a walk around.

We also visited the Marvelous Bridges a rock formation named after the shapes of the rocks after the erosive activity of the once high water river. This is a very well known spot in Bulgaria and it is included in the 100 National Touristic Places of the Bulgarian Touristic Union. We walked over the bridges and had the possibility to enjoy the sightseeing and walk on the natural paths that have a very rich vegetation. We also made a stop in the Haidushki meadows on our way.

The next stop was the National Astronomical Observatory Rozhen, next to Chepelare. This is the biggest observatory in Southeast Europe. There we could know more about how the system works and what’ s the work of the astronomers. The guide

It was very interesting for me аs an EVS volunteer to see the life in the villages, as in our way we crossed many small villages and stopped in Momchilovo. Having the possibility of seeing the rural part of Bulgaria helped me to understand better the country in its diversity and to taste the real Airan and homemade Yoghurt.

The last day, before coming back to Varna, we stopped in Krastova Gora, one of the largest Christian Centers in Bulgaria. A lot of pilgrims travel to this place as it is said that one piece of Chrit’ s Cross is buried there. Also there is a natural spring famous for it’s curative effects that attracts many visitors.