Volunteers visiting the Aladzha Monastery

With some EVS volunteers and Iliana, my mentor and volunteer in Association For You, we visited the Aladzha Monastery, a medieval cave monastery 17 km away from Varna. This is one of the most unique religious constructions in Bulgaria.

Volunteers in unique places
Some EVS Volunteers in Varna and Iliana, mentor and volunteer in Association For You, decided to travel to the Aladzha Monastery. The place is located in a beautiful natural environment so we had the possibility to have a walk around the area and discover the unique flora of the place. We also explored the inside of the caves and the catacombs, and get some information on the panels about the different religious rituals and history of the construction.

The complex it’s dedicated to the Holy Trinity and was the religious shelter for a monastic community of the Second Bulgarian Empire since the 12th century. The monks, running away from the Turkish forces, built the monastery on a rock formation. They carved the stone and divided the place in different rooms where they used to live and pray. The complex is in pretty good shape considering how old it is.

They also have some interesting light shows once a week, but we didn’t have the possibility to see it as they are only on Sunday and we travelled there on Saturday and came back the same day.

EVS gives you the possibility to discover a new country

The European Voluntary Service is a good way to travel abroad and discover beautiful places in another country. One of the most positive things is that the EVS volunteers I know in Varna are very motivated to travel around the country and we often plan trips together.