EVS volunteers in the Stara Planina

EVS volunteers in the Stara Planina

Last weekend I went to Pirdop with Mael-another EVS volunteer in Varna- and some other friends to climb one of the peaks of  the Stara Planina.


EVS volunteers in Pirdop
One of the things I enjoy the most about being an EVS volunteer in Bulgaria is that the country has such a great variety of beautiful natural spots and mountains to visit. Last weekend, with Mael-another EVS volunteer in Varna- and some other friends we went to Pirdop. We were all very excited about this experience.

We travelled there by train. We left from Varna on Thursday night and arrived in Pirdop on Friday morning. Pirdop is a small city -around 8000 inhabitants- located 80 km from Sofia. We did not spend so much time there as we were going to the hut “Pascal”, where we stayed for two days. The hut is around two hours walking from Pirdop (because of the unfavourable weather and heavy backpacks).

The day after, we woke up early in the morning and started the journey to the top of the mountain.
The visibility was scarce and there was plenty of snow so the climb was complicated and hard at some point. Still we continued, slowly but constantly. I can assure you that the experience worthed the efforts.

On our descent we met four other mountain climbers that were heading the top of the mountain carrying on their journey to a different hut. It was such an impressive experience to meet them as they kept climbing for more than 6 hours with bad weather. And an even more impressive experience was to know that one of them was 75 years old.

Memorable experience
Sunday we travelled to Sofia with some of the people that was in the hut and hanged out with them before the train departure to Varna. I can say that this was one of the greatest experiences of my EVS. I hope I have soon another chance to go to the mountains friends and EVS volunteers.