Volunteers in Madara and Shumen

In the beginning of October I went with Elina, Ibrahim, an ex volunteer in Association FOR YOU, Lili, his mentor and Mael, a french  EVS volunteer in Varna to Shumen and to see the Madara Rider.



EVS volunteers visiting historical sites

The journey is not so long (around 2 hours by car) so we had the possibility to come back the same day. The first stop was the Madara Rider. Elina explained us the story of this monument. The Madara Rider is the figure of a knight riding a horse and fighting a lion. In the composition there are also the figures of one eagle and one dog behind the rider. There are also some inscriptions in the rock in medieval Greek language. The monument is dated around 710 AD and is on the Unesco World Heritage List. As an EVS volunteer is very interesting to travel around the country and to had the possibility to know more about Bulgarian culture and history. The place is also nice for a walk as there are interesting natural paths and rich vegetation.

After the Madara Rider we travelled to Shumen to see the biggest mosque in Bulgaria. There is a great muslim community in the city. The mosque was being repaired but still we could see it from the inside.


Volunteering and travelling

Before coming back to Varna, we also visited the big communist monument built in the city during the 80’s. It’s called the Monument to 1300 years of Bulgaria and it is the only monument in the world that depicts the history of a whole country from its creation to recent times. To reach the monument we had to climb more than 1000 stairs. But as EVS volunteers we are in pretty good shape. We were impressed by the dimensions and the cubist style of the figures portrayed there.


Cristina, EVS in Bulgaria