Dobrovolets Chernomorets

Dobrovolets Chernomorets

Beach cleaning in Chernomorets and helping in Asparuhovo

From 19th to 22nd June the motivated volunteers from Varna spent some pleasurable days in Chernomorets to collect the trash in the woods nearby, to remove plastic bottles, cigarettes etc. from the beaches and also to be simply together. This event was organised by Association FOR YOU. Due to the flood in Asparuhovo, some of us also went there to help.

Helping in Asparuhovo in a school yard

On Thursday evening the bus brought us there. It had rained a lot in the beginning but day by day it got better. We slept in bungalows just a few meters away from the Black Sea. Every evening we had a barbecue, we ate lots of salads and had good conversations. After our first night in the bungalows we did a hiking tour in the forest, accompanied by three little puppies that would stay with us the rest of the time until Sunday. Unfortunately, even inside the forest we could collect lots of trash. Back in the camp we took some rest and had a delicious meal. Some of us decided to go and check out the situation in Asparuhovo after the flood.

When they had returned, they showed us pictures of destruction, cars laying upside down, huge damages, mud and dirt. So the day after, a small group of us went back there to help. The others split in two groups and went on a trash-collecting tour in the beautiful nature around the coast. Some of the crazy discoveries were a bed, clothes with little insects living inside, a coffee machine, a shoe, and we even saw a small lake that was full of garbage. The most bothering thing were the mosquitoes – it was a kind of war.

Beside this, we had a great view towards the Black Sea, the sun was shining and we saw some lizards and a turtle just next to our feet.

In order to make the cleaning a little bit funnier, the volunteers had the task to keep the reusable trash for a workshop afterwards to create something new out of it. So we made our own aquarium lamp shade, badges out of crown caps and we were also collecting empty plastic bottles to build a maze for the Fun City festival.

Moreover, we had a contest with six different categories including the biggest, the most beautiful, the strangest, the dirtiest, the most reusable and the ugliest trash. We also went to the beach after the workshops to collect some more garbage.

At Saturday night there was a thunderstorm passing by and some of the volunteers went to the beach to watch the lightnings. The sky turned into purple when the lightning gleamed.

The conclusion of our gathering was that the winners of the different categories received some sweets.  On Sunday morning, we got ready to leave and around noon we took the bus back to Varna. All in all it was a great experience because we got to know each other better and we did some useful activities. Everybody improved his or her language skills and exchanged cultural habits.