EVS Presentation at University of Economics – Varna

EVS presentation in the University of Economics – Varna

Why do we inform about European Voluntary  Services?

One of our tasks as volunteers, is promoting european programmes, specifically the European voluntary service. From our experience as volunteers, we want to inform the students from Varna about this kind of programmes and how they could join to one of them.

We made several presentations in different universities of Varna, and we think these programmes are a great chance for youngsters for many reasons such as increasing your knowledge, improving your social skills, working experience, learning new languages, travelling, knowing new places, people and cultures… For this reason we want to continue informing about these projects.

Who will host this presentation?

T he presentation will be hosted  by some of the volunteers who are working with association For You. Jose and Javier two spanish volunteers, Pedro from Brazil, Elina and Dilyana from Varna. All of us will try to explain as much as possible all the information about everything which concerns EVS projects.

The presentation will be in english, although some of the volunteers like Pedro, would speak in Bulgarian, Elina and Dilyana will explain in bulgarian any question.

At the end of the presentation will be time for any question you may have.



When and where is the presentation?

We have scheduled one event in the room 446, next 4th of December at 12.45,in the University of economics – Varna. We will make a new presentation about EVS and everything which is related with.

What information will be explained?


You can find out about who organizes this programmes, who finance them, which countries you could go, how you could apply, which steps  you have to follow, advantages of these programs, who could inform you, and some advices that may help you.



Do you want to go abroad? So, join us in this presentation and get informed about how to do it.

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