Workshops activities in FOR YOU




The FOR YOU Association, which works helping disabled people with specific needs, is working in several projects and activities, like workshops, Erasmus + programmes, Europe Voluntary Service, etc. Being responsible of making and coordinating this programmes, mentioning all volunteers that are part of this organization, who takes part in all activities.


In this article we are going to write about ours workshops, but like you already know, one of the tasks of our organization are the Erasmus + programmes, specially the European Voluntary Service (EVS). Each of the Varna volunteers has a project, in which carry out some tasks, the volunteers take part in this activities, contributing with their knowledge and companionship. One of these activities are the workshops.

How are our workshops?

Our workshops try to be the perfect atmosphere for our participants, helping them to improve some of their skills with handcrafts, have some fun time with the foreign volunteers, and make sport with several outdoor activities. Basicly we want they feel fullfilled.


When and where do we do our workshops?

Our workshops are in the Association FOR YOU office, every tuesday and thursday from 02.00pm to 04.00pm.

What do we do in this workshops?

Nowadays taking advantage that the Christmas holidays are close, the participants and volunteers are making Christmas cards, christmast decorations, and handcrafts related with this topic.

The rest of the year we make handcrafs reated with some festivities such as, halloween, easter or summer.

We also organise some outdoor sport activities in the spring and summer time.

The Volunteers in Association FOR YOU, try to interact with the volunteers of other organizations making big activities as a whole.

Christmas bazzar

The days 18-19 and 20 of December we will be in the Gran mall, we will sell the handcrafts which our participants did. That money will be used in materials to carry on with this activities in the workshops.


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