Diana our German volunteer introduce herself

Hey, I’m Diana, I’m 24 years old and I’m from the south of Germany.

2014 I finished the first part of my studies to become a teacher for mentally and physically disabled children and youths. Because I already wanted to do an EVS after finishing school in 2009 I remembered this opportunity and decided to try my luck again – and this time it worked.

I started my EVS in November 2014 here in Varna and I will stay for nine months.

Although I lived the last five years with other volunteers and students, it’s the first time that I live abroad and there are a lot of new and interesting experiences! In the community in that I’m working I learn a lot of new and different things about other cultures, especially the Roma culture, different ways of living, of thinking and also of believing. But not only at work I learn a lot – also in spending my time with the other volunteers from different countries, walking through the streets in Varna and meeting other Bulgarian people I see a lot of new und sometimes unexpected things. It’s great! For me it’s also really interesting to learn the other’s opinion about Germany/the Germans and to see the differences but also the similarities. I’m sure we can learn a lot from each other – and this opportunity I will take!

Here in Varna I have a lot of different tasks: First of all I have to learn the Bulgarian language – and that’s really not easy! In addition I want to work with the Roma community, help and support them in the way they need, because for me it’s really important not to be the rich German who wants to tell them how they have to live. I didn’t want to do this EVS for teaching, but for learning.

Although there are a lot of great experiences, interesting people around me and nice moments, I also miss some things of Germany, especially the food. Declaredly there is a big number of German supermarkets here in Varna, but some things I can’t find and buy here. Fortunately there’s the mail and my parents can send me some products of my hometown to Varna! 🙂


So far I’m really happy to be here in Varna, finally doing an EVS and having a lot of new things to get to know.