Taste&Share Fourth Edition

On the 7 of February 2019, we had our fourth edition of “Taste & Share” at the place “Yo-Ho-Hostel”. This time, we were about 50 people, very interested to know more about different cultures and to taste food. This edition we had the possibility to know more about Belgium, Nigeria, and France.

The audience was multicultural: Bulgarians, a lot of French people, but also people from Spain, the Czech Republic and other places.

Our Volunteer Emma Presented France

The event started with the presentation of Emma, who shared information about France. She told us the places to visit in France. She presented museums, as for example the confluence museum in Lyon and the Louvre in Paris.  But also some beautiful places to go like to Normandie, Lyon, Marseille, and Avignon during the famous festival of theatre.

The Belgian Intern Axel Introduced His Country

The second presentation was from Axel. It was about his small beautiful country, Belgium. He started with showing where is it located, explaining a bit of their complicated politics, but also the famous monuments, personalities and folklore, as for example, Saint-Nicolas and René Magritte. He talked about some typical dishes: French Fries (which are Belgian in fact), two kind of waffles, from Liège and Brussel, and also the famous Belgium Beers – which are about 1700!!!

Our intern Axel speaking about tourism in Brussels.

And the Unexpected Guest: Nigeria!

The last presentation was from Titilayo, that comes from the sunny and colorful country Nigeria.
She spoke about the culture, famous dishes and different type of language in all the different regions of her country. But she also talked about politics and about the three major ethnic groups, with the Hausa in the north, the Yoruba in the southwest, and the Igbo in the southeast.

Titi putting Nigeria on the map.
The Nigerian group cooking in Yo-ho-hostel’s kitchen.

And… Tasting After the Sharing!


Here are all the international dishes our volunteer, intern, and friends cooked.

Of course after all the presentations we had the possibility to talk with everybody while eating delicious dishes from Nigeria, Belgium, and France. We all prepared salty dishes. French Fries, Peaches filled in with tuna fish, Cheese Croquettes, Lorraine quiche, spicy rice with vegetable, spicy soup with pork inside, and salad. The Nigerian dishes were a delight. Titi had cooked with her group, we could feel the sun in them and they were also a bit spicy to get warmer. Everybody was happy, we ate with happiness and joy.


The Belgian Cheese Croquettes.
The Nigerian kitchen is delicious!

Thank you very much to the Yo-Ho-Hostel for being such a good host, and thanks to everybody for the good time.