Shak tuk-tam Varna … We go on a tour around the country!

The season has awaken the rise of outdoor events and we have no intention of staying in one place – it’s time for summer adventures… Our adventure is called “Shak tuk tam”.

You say what?

We from Association FOR YOU, together with few other NGOs* from Varna are gathering a super team and we are going on a tour! In the span of couple of months we will go travel to Varna, Dobrich, Burgas, Plovdiv and Sofia – just for a short bit, in order to organize 8 free events at outdoor places such as – town squares, streets and parks.

Sound cool … but why?

We want to meet up with youngsters from all around Bulgaria and make new friendships with interesting people, why not event partnerships with other NGOs around the country. The plan is during every event to have a great time while listening to music, playing sports and games, doing arts and sharing ideas … on other words hanging around to make a positive impact and make summer 2019 an unforgettable adventure! Other than that we also want to share with the most curious of you a little bit useful information about the work in Bulgarian NGOs, also to tell you which are the free ways that you can go on an adventure here, in Bulgaria or even abroad while volunteering, going on an internship, a training course and much more.

So what will happen?

Although we will hang around different places all of the events are free for everybody! On every date and location you will find one of the following activities, attractions or workshops:

Skate & rollers:

  • Free lessons with an insructor (we can provide equipment even for the smallest ones)
  • Demonstrations
  • Free use of the terrains and facilities

Table football:

  • Free trainings by profesional players
  • Demonstrations
  • Free use of the facilities


  • Demonstrations
  • Open workshops

Ateliers and workshops:

During each event we will try to make different kind of ateliers and workshops. For more information – follow our blog and facebook page.


  • Board games, role plays, outdoor games (such as badminton, hacky-sack and other)
  • Bring a game that you like – more options means more fun!


  • We will have sound so we could listen to cool stuff while we hang around. You can find more info about the music soon on our Facebook page.
  • We welcome everyone who plays a musical insrument to bring it so we could make up a real street Jam sassion!

Youth information:

  • Current activities and initiatives of NGO organizations that you can take part of
  • Free programs for bulgarian and international youngsters – such as volunteering, internships, youth exchanges, non formal education and more!
  • The most curious of yours will also find answers to the challenging questions – what are the actual problems that non-governmental organizations are dealing with and how are they trying to solve them.
  • In each town we will engage with local youth organizations in order to organize special activities for the visitors of our mini fest.

The first two events are on 1st and 2nd of June in Varna and you can take a look at the program at our facebook event on this page. You can follow our Facebook page Association FOR YOU to follow the latest news and updates for our events.

*Besides the core of Association FOR YOU, in the organization of the events are included 11 youth organizations from all around the country, which are part of the ESC project “Be a volunteer, Change the world!” as well as representatives of our partners from:

Association Alternative Space, well know by everyone such as Hale 3

Foundation SOS – families at risk

University of Economics Varna

Association Varna European Capital