Shak tuk-tam Dobrich 14-15th of June in pictures

Few days after out visit with the youth fest “Shak tuk-tam” in Dobrich we finally got enough power to share the thrilling experience with you! Incredibly welcoming city, that we are sure to have many more events organized together! We shared great moments with all of the local clubs and formations!

What happened during the fest?

We are happy that we managed to offer a program of wide variety, not only in Varna but in Dobrich where a lot of people from different ages showed up – both the small ones as well as some older ones : ) We held mandatory open lessons for skate, rollers, table football. We also provided information about youth opportunities to people who were interested, all while listening to some great music at the time square of Dobrich and also at the skate park. During the first day we spent hanging around Dobrich we managed to meet up with few representatives from local organizations and we created many new friendships, and maybe even partners – who know? Time will show : )

On 15-th of June our small travelling fest was joined by two local clubs who enhanced the program and contributed for the great mood of all attendants. Karate Club “Samurai”, who is actually celebrating 25 years of its creation (happy birthday Samurai!)  sent a couple of their people to the skate park. Although the day was very hot, the motivated youngsters did a lesson of self-defence to kids and girls and they definitely toughed us a few very useful tricks.

Not only did we meet those incredible future masters of martial arts, but we also had the luck to meet up with the local basketball team Unstoppable. In the span of a couple of hours, these incredible youngsters held a training of street basketball for all who wanted to join – smallest and biggest. We are impressed both of their resistance (the temperature was over 30 degrees!) and their hard work and organizational skills. The team was moving incredibly well together, they also brought us everything needed (including the hoops), they managed the care of dozens of children without even one shout, and they also gave a t-shirt to the guests. Respect!

A big Thank YOU Dobrich!

We are very grateful to everyone who got involved in the adventure “Shak Tuk-Tam” in Dobrich! Our youth mini fest would have not been the same without the support of all organization, non-formal groups and each individual that came! The team of the project “Be a volunteer! Change the worl!”, as well as the local volunteers were the engine of all happening, and DJ Petar Mihaylov, was tireless in playing great track one after another for two days straight. We’d like to express out special gratitude to Youth Centre Dobrich, The Municipality of Dobrich, Youth municipal council Dobrich, as well as Estere Bulgaria.