Solidarity and Inclusion for All

4 youngsters will participate in the volunteering project Solidarity and Inclusion for All. They will work at the Sunny House Daycentre of Association Family Center Maria. The mission of the organisation is creation and development of a supporting environment in order to improve the potential of children and their families. The current project includes 2 partner organizations – Association Family Center Maria as a host organization and coordinator and Association FOR YOU as a supporting organization.This project is a part of the European Solidarity Corps programme.

Project’s Objectives

This project will include 2 volunteers who will join the activities of the daycare centre for 6 months. After the end of their service another 2 volunteers will come in their place for 6 more months.

The primary mission of the project is to encourage young people to be more tolerant, solidary, and to increase the society’s sensibility towards the youngsters with disabilities. Through this project we want to motivate and expand the social commitment of the young people by stimulating them to help the others. By including the volunteers in the work on integration of people in difficult situations, we aim to make them compassionate towards people from different social groups and introduce them to the functions of the social worker.

The main objective of the project is to educate the young people in virtues such as solidarity and tolerance towards the different, by stimulating the integration of people in disadvantaged situations. Pluralism, non-discrimination, tolerance, justice, solidarity and equality are the fundements of a healthy and flourishing community. We believe that sharing values such as solidarity, the respect of one’s dignity and human rights, lies in the core of fair and equal rights in society.

Volunteer’s Profile

  • Youngsters between 18 and 30 years old from Bulgaria
  • Motivated
  • Tolerant towards the differences and the uniqueness to every person
  • Communicative
  • Responsible
  • Open to work with people from different backgrounds,origins and/or multiple diseases
  • With aspirations to personal development, improving of skills and competences
  • With interest towards the social assistance as well as non-formal education and youth work

Main Activities and Methods in the Project

The young volunteers will participate in different activities, including different social initiatives. As the project aims towards increasing the society’s sensibility regarding the people with disabilities, we think that throughout the methods of non-formal education and social work we can successfully influence and change the society’s attitude towards the people in disadvantaged situations. Thus we will stimulate the actively participating youngsters to apply their skills and not to close in the “shell”.

The planned activities include joint work with “Place FOR YOU” with the realisation of art and creative workshops for youngsters with disabilities. The activities include manufacturing jewelry, drawing on textile, decoupage and other applied arts. Also, the volunteers will exchange experience with the art-workshop “Place FOR YOU” and learn more about working with people with disabilities.

Expected results

We expect that the volunteers will develop:

  • Skills for working with people with disabilities
  • Skills for alternative ways of communication
  • Knowledge on physiotherapy and sport
  • Social assistance skills
  • Improving of linguistic skills and clear expression
  • Knowledge about the different types of disabilities
  • Knowledge about social work
  • Knowledge of how to deal with bureaucracy
  • Knowledge of the different types of legislation linked to the people with disabilities
  • Skills of applied art
  • Organizational skills
  • Presentational skills and public speech
  • Budget and time management
  • Teamwork
  • Tolerance
  • Independence, flexibility, and adaptability
  • Overcoming the prejudices
  • Increased desire for participation in public initiatives
  • Enterprise and creativity
  • Logical and critical thinking
  • Skills for dealing with critical situations
  • Skills for emergency aid
  • Improving of digital skills
  • Ability for learning by doing
  • Increasing of legal culture
  • Knowledge about the european virtues
  • Skills for implementation for one’s own projects and ideas
  • Management of one’s own initiatives

We think that with this project we will contribute to:

  • Increase of the society’s awareness and sensibility, especially for the young people about the possibilities that
  • European Solidarity Corps proposes
  • Acceptance of tolerance as a base of healthy relationship with the others
  • Change of the perspectives towards the disabilities from “I see the limitation”to “Isee the potential”
  • Realising of the emotional need to “make good and pass it on”
  • Realisation of the personal responsibility when it comes to implementation of personal and significant community activities
  • Personal exаmple among other young people
  • Development of soft skills

To the beneficiaries to the social service:

  • Social inclusion of the youngsters in disadvantaged situations in the social and public life
  • Widening of the social contacts of the youngsters with multiple disabilities
  • Development of soft skills
  • Development of fine motor skills and creativity among the participants who are taking part in the art workshops