A big youths project united youngsters, organizations, bussiness and artists from all over Bulgaria

During the last one year 12 young people from the whole country participated in the project “Be a Volunteer, Change the world“. This was one of the first projects approved in Bulgaria for the new programme European Solidarity Corps. The volunteers supported the activities of few organizations in Varna: “Foundation SOS – families in risk”, “Association Varna European Youth Capital“, “Association Alternative Space” also know as Hale 3, “University of Economics – Varna” and the coordinators of the project – “Association FOR YOU“.

These young volunteers were engaged in the activities for free time of kids and youngster with disabilities, activities related to non-formal education, activities related to promoting the programme of European Solidarity Corps, researching local, national and youth politics, work on international project and other. Besides their regular tasks, the young people also participated in the organazing of 8 additional events – the youth travelling festival “Shak tuk-tam”, held at 5 different Bulgarian cities. During the events there was youth information presented, music, graffiti, tabble football, skateboard and rollers, as well as different workshops, presentatitons, training and even tournaments.

The purpose of the youth festivals “Shak tuk-tam” was to promote volunteering and an active way of lifestyle to young people, as well as to promote the activities of a number of organizations both in Varna and around the country. Additional events attracted not only some audience, but more than 50 volunteers from different bulgarian towns, as well as from other countries including USA, Latvia, Spain, Germany and France. 

The project “Be a volunteer! Change the World” was incredibly helpful for bonding with our current partners and starting new relations with non-govermnet organizations and non-formal groups from 5 different Bulgarian towns. During the festival “Shak tuk-tam” we were joined by partners in the project “Be a volunteer! Change the World” and the events were supported by 4 different municipalities and over 40 non-governmental organizations, bussinesses, non-formal groups as well as  young musicians, artists and active youngsters from all over Bulgaria. 

For the first time the programme allows the participation of local volunteers in the activities of bulgarian organizations and the project “Be a volunteer! Change the World” turned out as a succesful experiment for the main partners. The participation of local volunteers who could communicate in bulgarian language made the work process easier for the hosting organizations and for the conduction of the activities. Based on their great performance 3 of the volunteers were hired on different positions by their hosting organizations after the end of the project.

Taking part in a project of the programme ESC gave good results for the volunteers as well. One of the main goals of the project was to help participants develop professional skills, as well as soft skills for their future career and personal development. The youngsters confirmed that besides professional skills they succeed in developing skills such as team work, organizing events, work on personal projects, time management, language skills and flexibility. Some of them took part in a volunteering intiative for the first time, however now after the project they are ready to support different social causes and organizations.

We want to say Thank You to everyone who took a part and supported the realization of the project, as well as the youth fest “Shak tuk-tam” in Varna, Dobrich, Burgas, Plovdiv and Sofia – participants, sponsors, partners, artists. Thank you: