Floral workshop organized by A Place FOR YOU – a sunny afternoon at Hale 3

That’s how our afternoon looked like!

It’s summer – the season of new friendships, more free time, adventures and experiments. Who doesn’t love to be outside during this time, whether it be in the nature, somewhere on the seacoast or  Thanks to the lovely girls from A Place FOR YOU we organized a floral workshop at the sunny terrace of the Alternative Space Hale 3

The afternoon turned out to be not only quite entertaining but also very productive! The terrace needed a refreshment as well as transplanting for some of the withered flowers. The best part is that we gathered a group of volunteers and enthusiasts who were not afraid to get a bit dirty and dusty with the soil so we could plant the future of something beautiful!

A couple of newbies in the world of flower planting also took part in the initiative. They sowed the flower, put some extra soil, watered the new pot and everything turned out much easier than expected. You just need to have the will to do it and put a smile on your face!

You may be wondering what we planted?

We want to motivate you a little bit further so you could create your own little garden – whether it be on your little balcony at your flat or maybe at the backyard of your grandma, we decided to share a little bit of information about some of the flower and some of the herbs we decided to take care of!

Transplanting of Rosemary herb.


This is definitely one of these herbs you could use for almost anything – use it as a spice in your dishes, make a cup of tea out of it, or you can even use it in some cocktails! Rosemary needs a lot of light, but not too much humidity in the air. Sprinkle some water a couple of times a week and soon you’d be happy to see results 🙂 



During our workshop we took care of one quite grown ficus by giving it a new home to spread its roots and leaves. It’s important for plants like this one that have the tendencies to sprout so big and tall, to be digged out of their pot and transplanted in a bigger one.

That’s how we took care of the outgrown ficus of Alex – a volunteer supporting Hale 3 for many years!

Aloe Vera

We also nourished one multifunctional and very beautiful favorite of many – aloe vera. Other than being a beautiful plant, aloe vera is well known for its beneficial effects on sunburn skin, skin irritations and helping with blemishes. Once the buds have grown, you can just tear off one piece, squeeze the juice out of it and put it on the affected area.

Decorate your home with aloe vera plant , and in need – you can also take advantage of its good benefits on the skin.


If you are a beginner in the floral world and planting, but you do have enthusiasm to start off somehow, maybe the answer is within one of the most Bulgarian flowers, that embodies the colors and scents of our culture and tradition. If you have ever visited Bulgaria and you had the chance to travel around some smaller towns you definitely have seen many geraniums all around while passing by people’s houses!

Geranium blooms during the summer and ornaments balconies and gardens till the end of October. It’s pretty easy to have a geranium since it’s a flower that’s quite sun resistant and not afraid of humidity. However you need to make sure to water it a lot during the period of growth and blooming. Also keep in mind that the soil needs to be well drained.

Tony and Hrisi from A Place FOR YOU with smiles on their faces after planting some geranium!

As an ending to our short story, we can strongly appeal to you to decorate some of your old pots as our colleagues from A Place FOR YOU have done!  You can personalize it with whatever you like, so that way you will have a reminder to water your flowers frequently (especially if you are a newby).

If you visit Varna during the summer do not miss to check out the Art workshops hosted by Toni and Hrisi – there is a high chance that you will get inspired with many DIY ideas!

The pot on the right side is an unique and handmade – as you maybe guessed you can Do It Yourself!