Talking About the Passion for Volunteering with Hrisi from A Place FOR YOU

Chrissy – always positive and with a smile on her face!

Hrisi is not a new face to our organization – she’s been participating as a volunteer in the social workshops, as well as in youth projects such as Youth For Social Change , In your Shoes, as well as our last youth exchange Ecology Act !, for which you will read more information very soon! At the moment Hrisi is a volunteer as part of a program with European Solidarity Corps with the local project “ What is volunteer and Does it Grow Here ”. Besides this Hrisi is a former member of the National Youth Forum .

Today she will tell us a little bit more about her youth work and about volunteering, as well as what are the challenges to do such activities during the pandemic!


Hello Chrissy, tell us who are you?

My name is Hristina Atanasova, I am 25 years old and I am from Varna. Currently I am a volunteer in the ESC “What is volunteer and Does it Grow Here” in Association FOR YOU, and more specifically in the art-social workshop A Place FOR YOU .

You have been a part of the team of Association FOR YOU for quite a while now. How did you find about us and what motivated you to become part of the organization?

I found about Association FOR YOU through the website of Time Heroes . After I finished my education in France, I came back to Bulgaria with a strong desire to contribute to society and what a better way to do so than becoming a volunteer in an NGO. I saw an ad that the Association is looking for volunteers for the workshops, I called them and here I am a year and a half later.

What are your tasks as a volunteer with the workshop of A Place FOR YOU?

Hrisi during an outdoor workshop of Association FOR YOU.

My tasks include organizing the workshop itself, giving a hand to the youngsters in need during the ongoing project, as well as actively participating in the activities of the workshop. I love doing all kinds of DIY projects so this is all great for me. Besides this I also have some administrative and communicative work, connected to the goals and the activities of the workshop. 

What are the challenges for you in youth and social work?

Youth and social work, having in mind the groups we work with can be quite hard, but at the same time very fulfilling. Besides all, I wouldn’t say I face any big challenges in my work. I do think that with a positive attitude, calm mind and a smile all obstacles are overcome easily.

How did the pandemic affect your work?

Due to the imposed measures and social distancing due to Covid pandemic we were forced to close our group classes in the workshop, but that did not stop us of course! Instead of stopping our activities all along, we managed to do the workshops online , while streaming on Facebook with the purpose to show everyone who follows us how they can create while at home easily, with materials that they already have. This way we managed to keep the interest of our participants in the workshop, as well as to diversify our everyday life during the conditions of the quarantine.

Can you share with us a funny story from your daily life as a volunteer?

Currently I cannot think of a concrete funny story, but the fact is that every day there is something fun that happens. I work with young and positive people, so having fun goes hand in hand with the daily process.

Tony and Hrisi with smiles on their faces during flower workshop!

Will you continue volunteering?

Definitely yes.

What would you say to people to motivate them to be so active as you are?

I find that there is nothing more satisfying than helping other people. We live in a strange world, where although we have advanced technologies all around, thriving capitalism and originating from its egoism, we shall not forget that we are human – and humans are social animals that need each other in order to live together a fulfilling lifestyle . Passive consumerism would not help us in developing a healthy society. That’s why we need to be awake, informed and active in order to develop both in the societies we live in, as well as individual creatures.



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