Success stories and International Volunteer Day!

international volunteer day success story bulgaria

Today is December 5 – International Volunteer Day! To celebrate it, we contacted three of our former volunteers – Pamela, Yoan and Matteo, who told us how their volunteer experience helped them be the people they are today. Did they include this experience in their CV, did it help them find a job and more, read in our article!

Yoan – former volunteer at the University of Economics – Varna

йоан доброволец българия иу-варна

Volunteering was a great experience that helped me realize myself as a person and develop. Thanks to my experience as a volunteer and the activities I performed, I was able to start working in an international environment that meets my expectations and what I have learned.

I was able to include volunteering and the Youthpass certificate in my CV, both of which are valued in the labor market. I am currently working at the University of Economics – Varna, I am an Erasmus + coordinator, helping students with documentation, choosing a university, everything related to their mobility and, of course, the popularizing of the program.

Volunteering has helped me to be more open with people, to socialize more easily, and to know that it’s okay to do something that doesn’t fit in with society, it made me more confident. I would volunteer again with the greatest pleasure! Because of yourself, since every time you participate in such an activity, you learn a lot of new things. Because of the people, since in one way or another you manage to make them happy. Because of the energy that is exchanged, since the idea itself is charged with positivism, which makes me happy.

Pamela – former volunteer at Association FOR YOU

памела доброволчество сдружение за теб варна

Volunteering was an adventure that made me a better version of myself.

I used the experience gained in Association FOR YOU when applying for my current position, which is an advertising and marketing specialist in the dental field. I create content for dentists. The articles I wrote during my service were also very useful to me, as they served as a portfolio for my current job. The people from the company liked them a lot and hired me.

I would like to be a volunteer in the future. Even now I am looking for different ways / initiatives.

Matteo – former volunteer at the University of Economics – Varna

матео доброволец италия европейски корпус за солидарност

My experience as a volunteer was a process of personal growth which I am happy to have done and I am very grateful to all the people I met and who helped me during that time.

I always include my Evs experience and other Erasmus+ activates in my applications. It helps me to show my positive attitude and my soft skills.I just finished my contract with a local company and I am looking for new opportunities also abroad.

My volunteer experience helped me to be more open minded and give me the input to consider a wider range of opportunities. The experience I gained definitely helped me in several jobs I did once back in Italy specially in the touristic field. I developed a more open mind and became better at understanding and interacting with people from different cultures, which was very useful given my work in intercultural environments. Once back to my town I opened an organization where we organize local and international activities.

I continue to volunteer in my community and I try to involve local youngsters in volunteer activities.


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