Petya Petrova, clinical psychologist: I am looking forward to the next challenge as a volunteer for the European Solidarity Corps

The Association FOR YOU joined in October 2023 with a group of eight participants another youth exchange under the Erasmus+ program – “Let Me Do It 3”. The aim of the project with partners from Latvia, Bulgaria, Poland, Italy and Portugal is to promote the intercultural dialogue and sharing experience between young people with disabilities and professionals in working with people with special needs.

In the beautiful city of Liepāja on the coast of the Baltic Sea in Latvia for 10 days – from 20 to 30 October, the focus of the seminars, workshops and discussions was on art techniques and activities that may support the social inclusion. All the participants in the mobility engaged in non-formal educational activities, got to know the culture of each of the countries in the project, the nature of Latvia and the sights of Liepaja. The exchange contributed to the acquisition of more independence, development of creative thinking and communication skills.

Here is what the group leader of the participants from Bulgaria, Petya Petrova, shared after the return:

“Hello! My name is Petya Petrova, I am 24 years old, from Varna. I have worked as a clinical psychologist and as an English teacher, and currently I am mainly traveling to different destinations. I have a great passion to know new cultures and to communicate with people. I also like yoga and trekking.

The project in Latvia was not the first like this for me. I have participated in other exchanges and training courses in Portugal, France and Bulgaria. All the projects that I have been involved in are on important social topics such as helping migrants, working for people with special needs, personal development and the like. I applied for this youth exchange because for me working with people with disabilities is a personal calling. Exchanges in which they are the main participants are rare, so as soon as I saw the announcement for this project I decided to get involved with it. It was an extremely rewarding experience. What I liked most was the exchange of good practices – each country had the chance to present activities that are used in their organizations, and that was very valuable for me. I was the group leader of the Bulgarian team and I certainly developed my team leadership and workshop development skills.

I don’t think we have had any significant difficulties and I would certainly recommend the FOR YOU Association to anyone who wants to get involved in international projects. The association is oriented towards young people and people with special needs and has opportunities for development. It is also a very big advantage that they are very experienced and organize quickly and correctly everything in terms of documentation and overall administration of their projects. Now am looking forward to the next challenge – in January 2024 I will move to Spain for a long-term volunteering under the European Solidarity Corps program.”

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