2011: Chance for The Youth

The project was an exchange between organizations from Iceland, Germany, Russia and Bulgaria. All volunteers were involved in different activities organized for children and youth in disadvantaged life situation (art workshop for youth, art activities for children with mental disabilities,…

2011: Social Inclusion of Youngsters and Children with Disabilities

This project was an exchange between organizations in Turkey and Bulgaria. One volunteer from Istanbul, Turkey, spent 10 months in Varna, Bulgaria. the volunteer was involved in leisure activities organized by Association FOR YOU for children and youth in disadvantaged life situation.  

2011: Meet Europe

''Meet Europе'' was a multinational youth exchange between Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia, Armenia and Ukraine, held in Bremerhaven, Germany. The topic of this exchange was ''(Anti-)Discrimination on ethnic and national identity''. The main objectives were to raise awareness of minorities'…

2011: Network Elderly Care (NEWA)

Five European countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Poland and Romania) together with Turkey and Croatia worked on Elderly Care concept and exchanged ideas regarding the network building, access to information in the mentioned field, etc.  

2007-2009: SATURN

SATURN is an abbreviation for "Social Advice, Return and Support Networking'' project for Ukraine. The implementation of its objectives was realized in cooperation of Ukraine and four European partner countries: Germany, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria. The project was addressed to Ukrainian…