We will be glad to welcome new members to the organisation. Anyone who wants to work and develop in the sphere of social activities or wants to make their contribution to support our cause is welcome.

Why Should I Join?

The members of the association are among our most valuable partners! Becoming one of us you can make a significant change in your life and life of others, especially if:

  • You care about others, love to help and want to change the world
  • You want to get new cultures and want to be a citizen of the world
  • You like to participate in the organization of different events and initiatives

Membership in our Association will open new opportunities for you

  • Finding people who share your interests
  • Realise your own projects
  • Contribute to a cause that you love
  • Make a change in the world
  • Travel and discover new countries and cultures

Our members can

  • Start a career in the youth field
  • Participate in projects related to the social sphere
  • Participate in international projects – volunteering, exchanges, training

How can I become a member?

Membership in Association FOR YOU is voluntary. Any Bulgarian or foreign person can become our member. If you want to join us, you need to send an application via e-mail to office@foryoubg.org or come directly at the office of the association. You can download the membership application form here. Contact us to share your ideas or find out about current projects in which you can join as a member.

Молба за членство

  • До Председателя на Сдружение ‘ЗА ТЕБ’


  • Лице:

  • Организация:

  • пълен адрес
  • Декларирам, че:

  • Г-жо Председател,

    Моля да бъда приет за член на Сдружение „ЗА ТЕБ”, като за това изтъквам следните мотиви :

  • Приемам устава и споделям целите на Сдружението. Няма да извършвам действия накърняващи доброто име на Сдружението и ще пазя имуществото му.

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