Implementing internship projects is one of the main activities of the Association FOR YOU. We support international undergraduates and young professionals to find an internship in Bulgaria within the frames of the Erasmus + Programme. Our team also creates projects allowing Bulgarian students to participate in traineeships abroad. We have built a network of local and international partners – businesses, vocational schools, universities, and educational organisations to support candidates to find an internship abroad and get the most of their professional mobility.

How Can We Help You if You Are a Student?

If you want to find professional mobility to enrich your vocational or university education, you can either check the vacant positions for an internship in Bulgaria or write us to discuss alternative options. The Association FOR YOU team will help you with every step of your mobility:

  • Finding an internship or traineeship suitable for your field of studies
  • Preparing your application and all necessary documentation
  • Preparing for an interview with the employer
  • Receiving a scholarship from your vocational school, college, or university
  • Organising your departure
  • Finding accommodation
  • Arranging a cultural visit and providing introductory training
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the mobility

If you have a profile in Erasmus Intern platform, you can check our current vacant positions in Varna.

Professional Mobility Options for Educational Institutions

If you are a representative of a vocational school, college, or university and you want to provide your students with international mobility opportunities abroad, you can rely on Association FOR YOU to help you implement internship projects in Bulgaria. We offer the following support to our partnering educational institutions:

  • Writing a professional mobility project
  • Finding partners abroad
  • Support during the preparation and implementation of the internships
  • Pre-departure training for students and accompanying educators
  • Provision of accommodation and alimentation during the occupational mobility
  • Organising cultural visit and on-arrival training for your students
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the internship
  • Assistance with the administrative management of the project before, during and after its execution

Why Choose Association FOR YOU For My Partner in Internship Projects in Bulgaria?

If you are searching for a reliable partner for professional mobility project, do not hesitate to contact us. Association FOR YOU has experience in carrying out short and long-term internship projects within the frame of Erasmus + programme. Become our partner and take advantage of our skills and resources:

  • Experience in hosting international interns and trainees
  • Expertise in the administrative management of professional mobilities
  • Diverse network of local and international partners
  • Support during every stage of the professional mobility project
  • Resources to provide adequate preparation and training

If you want to learn more about mobility opportunities or for hosting interns from Bulgaria in your organisation, please send us an email, and we will answer all your questions.