About BULGARIA in few words.

First words to learn in bulgarian? torbichka - you will hear it many times while doing your groceries. Later - chasha, when you start to order chasha cherveno vino.


Taste & Share Christmas edition

Let's check which countries did we explore this time in our intercultural event!


Professionals and students met in Varna to discuss the good practises in international professional mobilities

Association FOR YOU organized an event aimed for students, young people and professionals at HALE3 Varna

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About BULGARIA in few words.

First words to learn in bulgarian? torbichka - you will hear it many times while doing your groceries. Later - chasha, when you start to order chasha cherveno vino.


Taste & Share Christmas edition

Let's check which countries did we explore this time in our intercultural event!


Professionals and students met in Varna to discuss the good practises in international professional mobilities

Association FOR YOU organized an event aimed for students, young people and professionals at HALE3 Varna


Volunteering? Saskia talks about her experience.

Check out what our volunteer from Germany has to say.



Do you want to do something unusual? Why not to go for EVS! With those few tips it is surely going to be easy ;)


Youth exchanges, EVS and other things...

Some time ago you had a chance to read about a youth exchange in Kranevo where we briefly presented participants from Varna. Now, you can get to know one of them.


Bulgarian meals cooking workshop in a Place For you

We made banica, katk and kiufteta! Find out where and when..:)


From an Erasmus student to an EVS volunteer - few words from Sven Mertens.

Every volunteer in our project is an unique person and has an unique story.


“The journey goes on a new horizons” - exceptional Youth Exchange in Kranevo, Bulgaria.

One of our international volunteers had chance to join Bulgarian team for this nice project organised by Rock Solid Foundation for International youth work from Netherlands with the help of the member of our Association.


Find out what Tracey Gillen from Ireland thinks about Bulgaria and her staying in Varna.

The Association For You doesn’t deal just with an EVS projects. As you probably already know, from time to time we host interness as well.


International youth exchange for youngsters with different abilities and disabilities “The Journey goes on to new horizons”

International youth exchange for youngsters with different abilities and disabilities “The Journey goes on to new horizons”


Long-term EVS is not the only option - meet our volunteers from Italy!

Ergisa, Marta and Salvatore are volunteers who visited Varna just for the short-term EVS project and probably they enjoy their summer in Italy right now.


Luiza Karimova, our Russian sunshine who shares her skills and experience at the University of Economics - Varna.

Are you ready to find out something more about her experience in Bulgaria?


The Sport and the City vol. 2

Lively moments from an energetic sport event in Asparuchovo park in Varna


Assia Zaharieva and her attempts to spread her passion in Varna. Our International but Bulgarian volunteer :)

Do you think that working at Hale 3 is just fun? Find out about difficulties volunteers have to deal with.


Taste and share vol2

Short summary of our taste and share meeting on last Thursday :)


As there are not enough French people in Varna, I introduce you Morgane Bugara :)

Morgane is an egyptologist who helps in Alliance Française in Varna.


Some moments from our presentation about Erasmus + and EVS activities at Vasil Levski school

EVS can be a life changing activity and we are glad spreading this new for young people at schools


Lidia - volunteer from Siberia :)

Do you think EVS is just about fun and easy job? Find out, how it is in reality.


The Sport and the City Vol. 1 - Skate park Mladost

Check out what happened on Saturday at the skate park Mladost.


The summary about international steering committee in Varna for the project The European Gateway

Association FOR YOU organised the meeting for all the organisations and partners involved in the project.


Our small family is getting bigger and bigger - meet Miranda from Cyprus :)

Miranda has already had an experience with international youth work as a member of Cyprus association. Let's see what she thinks of her own EVS.


Sonia Golini - the French Volunteer of Varna European Youth Capital 2017

Sonia is a 24 years old French volunteer who came to Varna few months. This is why, I am sure, she has much more to share with you, as she had time for some reflection and experience.


No, you don’t have a deja vu. Joeri is one of the twins who do their internship in Varna

Do you want to know which one is a good one and which one is a devil one? Read the interview and maybe you will find the answer between the lines ;)


Interview with Laura - our creative graphic designer, who likes to combine work in the office with outdoor activities

Let's check how Lithuanian volunteer deals with the challenges in Varna - Няма проблем


You should not base your expectations on your past experiences - what else our French volunteer, Marie Gabrielle, has to say about her EVS in Varna?

Are you interested in how Varna can look for a French person..? Do you think she misses french music, baguettes or Effel tower..? Maybe you will find the answers here...


Lively moments from our intercultural event "Varna, Get Ready: Taste & Share!" at Yo-Ho-Hostel

Some interesting information about our new volunteers and interns in Varna and their countries: Poland, Cyprus, Germany, Lithuania, Belgium, France which you maybe didn't know yet...


Meet Jan Muller - Our Belgian Intern, Balancing Between Office Work and Creative Activities

A wonderful interview with our intern Jan by the Polish volunteer Daria Howicka.


From student to experienced teacher - Pavel talks about his EVS service in Poland

A nice EVS story about what is to be on the other side of the teacher’s desk...


First meeting EVS „Get ready! Varna European Youth Capital 2017!“

Cheerful impressions from the meeting with volunteers in associatian


Blogs, robotics, and working with children – the amazing Spanish EVS experience of our volunteer Maya!

If you don't believe that EVS can change your life forever, then you must read the story of Maya from Varna and her great experience as a volunteer in Spain!


The European Gateway – Creating Better Conditions for International Professional Mobility of Youth

Association FOR YOU became a partner in The European Gateway - project, desinged to create common international framework for professional mobility for youth under Erasmus + KA2 programme.


Weird self-interview by and with Michele, the EVS Italian volunteer from Matera

Today's metaphysical interview is about Michele, the author of the comic book "How i learnt to stop worrying and love Bulgaria"


EVS chronicles in foreign countries pt 2: living in Lisbon

Dilyana, the Bulgarian volunteer who worked as supervisor for the FOR YOU Association, speaks about her current life as EVS in Lisbon


Interview with Anda, the new Latvian trainee of FOR YOU

In this week's interview Anda speaks about her new Bulgarian life


Interview with Dovilé, the Lithuanian girl who works for the University of Varna

In this week's interview Dovilé tells how the Evs experience can make you a self confident - stronger woman


Interview with Vincent, the French volunteer from Reims

Vincent, who works for the Social TeaHouse, speaks about his Bulgarian life as a volunteer


Interview with Fotini, the Greek EVS volunteer who works for a solidarity shelter

In this week's unusual interview Fotini speaks about domestic violence, David Lynch-like suburbs and stop motion movies


Interview with Nuria, the Spanish volunteer working for the Social Tea House

In this week's interview, Nuria speaks about trips, imaginative card games and voluntary social assistance in Bulgaria


Interview with Beñat, the French journalist of the Urban-Route magazine

This week's thrilling interview is about Beñat, who is doing an internship for a French issue in Varna


Interview with Sefallah, the French trainee of FOR YOU Association

Sefallah, who is doing an internship in Varna, speaks about his work, his story and his ideas about social development


Interview with Pavel, the Bulgarian collaborator of the FOR YOU Association

An informal report from the Netherlands about the international workshop concerning people with disabilities


Giving voice to disability: interview with Mathew, the Bulgarian volunteer from Varna

A short report about the Romanian multimedia workshop "YE kick off disability in motion through a video guidance"


JaRa's Team Building Training with Association 'FOR YOU'

On 15th April the football on table team JaRa had a fun and educational team building training with Dilyana and Lelde from Association FOR YOU. Check how this day went :)


Springtime in the northern Bulgarian coast with FOR YOU

A detailed report about the teambuilding trip at Cape Kaliakra and the kart driving contest


Център за младежко развитие с нови постижения

Резултати от работата на новият център за младежко развитие към Сдружение "ЗА ТЕБ"


Useful adresses if you want to follow us on Facebook

Check this post to know how you can keep up to date about our news


EVS chronicles in foreign countries: Portugal

Stanislava, the Bulgarian volunteer who has been sent to Lisbon by the organization FOR YOU, speaks about her current life as EVS


Back to the high school with FOR YOU: EVS presentations at the Васил Левски institute

A detailed report about the four days of informal presentations and discussions arranged by volunteers from all around Europe


Interview with Samuel, the EVS volunteer from Zamora

The Spanish Mafia saga carry on with the interview to an other Spanish volunteer, who will speak about travelling and wandering in Bulgaria


Interview about Sergio, one of the supervisors of the new social and cultural entrepreneurship project the Teahouse

In this week's interview Sergio, the spanish volunteer, will introduce us to the Social Teahouse association


Interview with Cecile, the French girl from Reims

Today's interview concern Cecile, an other French girl who has just passed her arrival training in Varna


Interview with Juliette, the French volunteer from Lille

This week's interview is about Juliette, a French girl with a lot of foreign life experiences in Germany and Russia


Interview with Andrea, the italian volunteer from Piacenza

Time to know Andrea, an aspiring filmmaker who works for the University of Varna


The unbearable lightness to being in Shumen with FOR YOU

An "over-the-top" report about the three days of trip and training workshop spent between Shumen and Madara


Funny interview with Lelde, the latvian volunteer from Riga

Second interview with Evs volunteers, in order to explicate how significant and unforgettable could be the Evs experience.


Interview with Laura, the spanish volunteer from Burgos

Starting from this week, we people of For You association want to realize and share on this website a lot of interviews with the new arriving volunteers, in order to explain how significant and unforgettable could be this kind of experience.


Javier was in the bilingual school

Javier was in the bilingual school


Presentation in the Sport school

Our Spanish volunteer speaks with the sport students


Education beyond borders

Education beyond borders


Rebecca our German volunteer introduce herself

Rebecca our German volunteer introduce herself


I´m Teodora and I´m volunteering in Germany

I´m Teodora and I´m volunteering in Germany


Diana our German volunteer introduce herself

New volunteer, let´s know more about her!


Workshops activities in FOR YOU

How are the workshops in FOR YOU? We have the answer!


EVS Presentation at University of Economics - Varna

If you want to go abroad, join our presentation and get informed!


Volunteers from France join our EVS project

Our french volunteers told us something about themselves


Irina, our latvian volunteer in Varna

Irina tell us about her experience as a Volunteer in Bulgaria


Halloween week

Workshop and dressing up for halloween


EVS Welcome trip Kaliakra

All the volunteers together in Kaliakra


Hi I’m EU !! A Volunteer to Varna!!

Our new EVS Eu tells his first impressions


Здравейте I`m Javier from Spain

A new volunteer has landed in Varna


Dobrovolets Chernomorets

We cleaned the beach from trash


Hello, I am Noé!

Introduction to our new Leonardo intern


Camille is new in town

Get to know our French intern


Svetoslava in Barcelona

A Bulgarian shares her EVS experiences


Nice to meet you, Charlie!

Our new Leonarde Da Vinci intern presents himself


Matteo tells about his EVS experiences

Our Italian volunteer is involved in many activities


Spanish and French presentations in the Fourth high school in Varna

Introducing young Bulgarians to EVS


News from Czech Republic

Alexander from Bulgaria is volunteering in Nachod


Presentation about the European Voluntary Service in the First Language School in Varna

Young students should know about the great chance to become a volunteer


Get to know our intern from France

Sarah is involved in the Leonardo program


Colourful workshops in the office of Association FOR YOU

Tie-dye was lots of fun


A new French intern in Varna

Anne is involved in a Leonardo exchange


Welcoming our new short-term EVS

Matteo is from Italy


Successful presentation in the University of Economics

Volunteers share their experiences and the new Erasmus+ programme


Weekly language lessons

German and English lessons


Our new French intern presents herself

Héloïse joins the Leonardo program


Charity events for Mitko

On sunday, January 26, the European volunteers of Varna celebrated two charity events


New Website For Zoya Verkova

Сдружение ЗА ТЕБ and EVS volunteer created a new website for international wheelchair tennis player Zoya Verkova


Christmas bazaar in Varna Grand Mall

Selling of handmade crafts


Play for Zoya

Charity party for wheelchair tennisplayer Zoya


Presentation about the European Voluntary Service in the Free University of Varna

Another English presentation about the EVS


Mireia volunteering in Varna

The first impressions of Mireia, the new EVS volunteer in Varna


New EVS presentations in the Varna University of Economics and in 5th High School

English and German presentations about the European Voluntary Service in Varna


An EVS presentation in 5th High School in Varna

On the 13th of November we presented the European Voluntary Service in French


EVS Alexander Genov

Alexander is volunteering in Czech Republik and describes his new experiences.


Halloween Party 2013

Last thursday we celebrated a Halloween Party all together


Sara volunteering in Varna

Sara, who is doing an European Voluntary Service for one month, introduces herself


A welcoming trip for the EVS volunteers to Kaliakra and Balchik

Last Wednesday, the volunteers of Association For You and SOS – Families In Risk went on a trip to Kaliakra, the cape town of Bulgaria, and the big Botanical garden in Balchik.


Veronika volunteering in Varna

The first impressions of Veronika, the new EVS volunteer in Varna


Tilman volunteering in Varna

The first impressions of Tilman, the new EVS volunteer in Varna


Rise and fall (or more accurately EVS - school of life)

Some time ago I shared with you my experiences and impressions at the beginning of my EVS project.


EVS trip to Strandzha

Last Easter holidays “prasnik” I spent it in the beautiful region of Stranzha. The 1st of May I went with some other friends and volunteers to this unique natural area located in the southeastern part of Bulgaria.


Youngsters with disabilities from Spain and Bulgaria participate in the Youth Exchange See over Seas!

The international exchange See over Seas! organized by Association FOR YOU in Varna from the 22nd till the 29th of April gathered together 16 youngsters with disabilities from Spain and Bulgaria.


EVS volunteers in Nessebar

Last month with some friends and volunteers we went to Nesebar. We wanted to explore this beautiful and historical place in a calmer period without the crowded environment of the summer season.


Association FOR YOU organized presentations about European Voluntary Service in the Technical University and the University of Economics

The first and second presentation took place the 16th of April at 9.00 and 11.00 in the Technical University-Varna. The third presentation was held in the same day in the University of Economics-Varna.


EVS volunteers discover the kukeri tradition in Straldzha

Last 10th of March was kukeri prasnik in Straldzha, a small town in the province of Yambol, in Southeastern Bulgaria. Some friends and volunteers went there and had the possibility to learn new things about the Bulgarian culture and traditions.


Association FOR YOU organizes a youth exchange in Varna with Bulgarian and Spanish youngsters

Association FOR YOU will participate in a youth exchange with youngsters with disabilities from Spain and Bulgaria. The exchange will gather together in Varna 16 youngsters from Galicia (Spain) and Varna.


Volunteers in Madara and Shumen

In the beginning of October I went with Elina, Ibrahim, an ex volunteer in Association FOR YOU, Lili, his mentor and Mael, a french EVS volunteer in Varna to Shumen and to see the Madara Rider.


Robert, EVS volunteer in Association FOR YOU organized a toy car workshop

Last week the youngsters with disabilities and volunteers of Association FOR YOU had the chance to learn new things about mechanics with a “make your own toy car” workshop.


Iliana: EVS volunteer in Spain 2

As a city girl at the beginning was hard to get used to live in a village with two minimarkets and one bar for local drunks


Workshops for T-shirt painting and EVS promotion

The youngsters of Association For You are putting all their creativity skills in the designs of the new T-shirts that the organization will use to promote the European Voluntary Service and Youth in Action Programme.


Iliana: EVS volunteer in Spain

We all know the famous joke about Spanish people that they always say "Mañana, mañana". Well, mañana came at last and I finally decided to write what I'm doing in Spain as EVS volunteer.


My European Voluntary Service in Ukraine

Hello! My name is Irina and I'm a volunteer in Ukraine. I started the 1st of February and I will spend here eight months.


Volunteers and students in Veliko Tarnovo

With a group of Bulgarian friends and EVS volunteers- students and former students- we decided to spend the weekend in Veliko Tarnovo for the Студентскят празник, the students day.


Vote Zoya Chavdarova for “Sports Talent of the Public”

Zoya Chavdarova, a 21 years old wheelchair tennis player from Varna is participating in the contest “Sports Talent of the Public” organized another year by Eurofootball. The award will help Zoya to develop as a professional tennis player.


EVS volunteers in the Stara Planina

Last weekend I went to Pirdop with Mael-another EVS volunteer in Varna- and some other friends to climb one of the peaks of the Stara Planina.


Volunteers visiting the Aladzha Monastery

With some EVS volunteers and Iliana, my mentor and volunteer in Association For You, we visited the Aladzha Monastery, a medieval cave monastery 17 km away from Varna. This is one of the most unique religious constructions in Bulgaria.


First impressions of Marina, the new EVS volunteer in Varna

Marina is the new EVS volunteer in Association For You. A part of her tasks in Association FOR YOU , she is volunteering also in the International Relations Office of the University of Economics - Varna and wants to share with you the impressions of what


Meeting of volunteers in Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the places I wanted to visit for a long time. Its culture, music, traditions, food, people...are so interesting and unknown to me. That´s why I decided to travel there with some other EVS volunteers.


Association FOR YOU organized presentations about European Voluntary Service in the University of Economics.

Association For You organized last November and December three presentations about the European Voluntary Service in the University of Economics-Varna. Several EVS volunteers took part in their preparation.


My EVS in Slovakia Part 2.

Living and volunteering in Slovakia


Association FOR YOU and Foundation SOS- Families in risk organize sexual education training for youngsters with disabilities

Association For You and Foundation SOS Families At Risk are developing a series of trainings on Sexual Education and Human Rights for the youngsters in Association For You.


My EVS in Slovakia

I am Veselina and now I'm going to tell you a little bit about my voluntary service abroad in the frame of EVS (European Voluntary Service) in Slovakia.


On arrival training in Sofia

The On Arrival training took place in Sofia from the 24th till the 29th of September.


EVS in Italy

I am a volunteer in Italy within the European voluntary service programme.



I love the mountains and the Bulgarian ones are very good spots for hiking.


The training Make your own way and the impressions of the participants

In October Association FOR YOU participated as a partner in the training "Make your own way" in Kayseri, Turkey, organized within the frame of Youth in Action programme.


EVS Presentation- University of Economics-Varna

Association FOR YOU is organizing the next Wednesday, 5th of December, in the University of Economics a presentation about the European Voluntary Service, EVS.


A weekend in Stara Zagora

From 12. – 14. Oktober I went to Stara Zagora to participate in an events my friends were hosting.


Slanchogled stores donated materials for workshop with youngsters with disabilities

We thank very much Slanchogled for providing five boxes of materials for our art workshop for youth with disabilities


Jewelry workshop started working

Jewelry Workshop with young people with disabilities reopened.


Cleaning in the Pirin Mountain

The last weekend of July I went with Iliana and Robi to Pirin Mountain to participate as volunteers in a cleaning event organized by За Земята, an environmental organization established in Sofia


Robert volunteering in Bulgaria

The first impressions of Robert, the new EVS volunteer in Varna


Cristina volunteering in Bulgaria

The first impressions of Cristina, the new EVS volunteer in Varna


A weekend in Sofia

From 9. – 13. May I went to Sofia to play the trumpet in two events my friends were hosting.


Contempo Art Festival

Contempo Art Festival was held in four days, in seventeen galleries and more than sixty artist from different countries participated in it


Two new volunteers will join our team in July

As the project "Social Inclusion through art" was approved, two new volunteers will join our team.


Cooking Workshop

I choosed this project because I thought it would be a good idea for our youngsters


For Ahmet 5 Months in Varna

I came to Varna five months ago. This trip was very special for me because this was my first trip to foreign country.


Jonathan Volunteering in Bulgaria

the last four months have been very exciting for me. I visited many different places and I have to admit that I like Bulgaria more and more


Hannah Volunteering in Bulgaria

My name is Hannah, I am from Iceland and I'm staying in Bulgaria as a volunteer. I am a volunteer through EVS, European Voluntary Service


The project Bridges of good neighborhood is over

Our work on the project Bridges of good neighborhood, whose purpose was to prevent illegal migration to and from Russia and CIS and promote legal one, is over


Hannah from Iceland - European volunteer in Association For You

Hi, I‘m Hannah Rós and I‘m a 19 year old girl from Iceland. From November 2011 – july 2012 I will be living in Bulgaria and working as a volunteer in Association FOR YOU


Volunteer in Mladiinfo Macedonia

Mladiinfo Macedonia is urgently looking for 1 volunteers from Bulgaria for a 12 months service in our office in Skopje, Macedonia


Today in the Grand mall Varna you can see the exhibition on the project Meet Europe. The exhibition is on the last floor next to the Arena cinema and will stay there for the next 2 weeks (until 07.12.2011)

Meet Europe is a multinational youth exchange between Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia, Armenia and Ukraine


Association FOR YOU is looking for long term volunteer

Association FOR YOU is looking for long term volunteer to participate in the team of Sprachheil- und Kindertagesstätte „Max & Moritz” in Bremerhaven, Germany.


Volunteer in Varna

I'm Jonathan Lange and I'm 20 years old. I come from Bremerhaven, Germany.


Volunteer from Turkey in Association FOR YOU

Who am I ?



“Meet Europe” is a multinational youth exchange between Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia, Armenia and Ukraine, and will be hold between 19.09.2011 and 26.09.2011 in Bremerhaven, Germany.


Vacancies for volunteers in Germany

The project started in September 2011


108 migrants returned back home thanks to an International Project

International project


Looking for 2 volunteers for EVS project

Vilnius Waldorf school is the school of general education where education is organized according to the principles of Waldorf pedagogic. In Lithuania there are 4 types of such schools and there are more than 1000 Waldorf schools all over the world.


Facilitation in Action-Training course on facilitation competences of youth workers

The training will take place in Coka ,Serbia (19-26 February 2011)


We search a table tennis volunteer who will work in our club for 6 months

Yap Zonguldak Association is a registered EVS and EU project office and Table Tennis Complex with 3 full time youth worker staff


ART Fusion Association is looking for young people interested in EVS in Romania

The project Globe in the Mirror starts in 15th of February 2011 and will have a duration of 6 months.


Paid Traineeships for people with disabilities

The European Parliament is offering paid traineeships to persons with disabilities


EVS Presentation in the University of Economics-Varna

Association FOR YOU is organizing the next Wednesday, 5th of December, in the University of Economics a presentation about the European Voluntary Service, EVS. The presentation will be hold in the room 511 at 13.00 hours. Current EVS volunteers of the o



Taste & Share Christmas edition