Професионалисти и студенти се срещнаха във Варна, за да обсъдят добрите практики в международните професионални мобилности.

“Сдружение ЗА ТЕБ” организира уъркшоп - “Международен трансфер на добри професионални практики”


Младежки обмени, ЕДС и други неща...

Преди няколко дни имахте възможността да прочетете за младежкия обмен в Кранево, където накратко представихме участниците от Варна. Сега имате възможност да се запознаете с един от тях.


"Пътуването върви по нови хоризонти" - изключителен Младежки Обмен в Кранево, България.

Миналата седмица Сдружение ЗА ТЕБ беше домакин на един чудесен международен младежки обмен, който се състоя в Кранево. Нашата доброволка Дариа се включи в проекта и сподели впечатленията си от него.

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От къде се информирате за безплатните услуги за хора с увреждания?

От познати и приятели
От медиите
От интернет
От Дирекция социално подпомагане
Не знаех,че има безплатни услуги

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Jonathan Volunteering in Bulgaria




the last four months have been very exciting for me. I visited many different places and I have to admit that I like Bulgaria more and more. After my arrival in Bulgaria I had to handle with all the differences. The October was a month full of familiarization. I've met a lot of new interesting people from different countries. Together with Ahmet and Elina I went to Kaliakra and Balchik. We visited the ruin of an old castle in Kaliakra and the beautiful botanical garden in Balchik. In the end of October we organized a Halloween party for the youngsters. We had a lot of sweets, great costumes, self-made decoration and nice games for a wonderful evening.

Ahmet, Elina and me in Kaliakra


In the beginning of November Hannah joined our small team. Together with Hannah, I started my first Bulgarian language class and we went also to our on arrival training. This was really interesting for me because it took place in Sofia and I also had the opportunity to meet many volunteers from Bulgaria. Besides we had a lot of fun and the chance to share all our impressions with each other.

All the participants from our on arrival training in Sofia.


In November we started to craft Christmas decorations in our workshops. Not just Christmas cards and decorations for the Christmas tree but even more. We also decorated our office and made it more festive. A few days before Christmas our organization took part in the Christmas bazaar to sell all the things which have been produced in our workshops. After that I went back home to Germany to celebrate Christmas together with my family and friends.



In the beginning of January I came back to Bulgaria. I was every excited to go back again. Already two weeks after my return I went together with my supervisor to Wroclaw (Poland). We took part in a conference about elderly care. The impressions I got in Wroclaw were definitely more than I expected. Right now I am starting to teach some English to two Bulgarians and I really hope that I am able to manage this because my Bulgarian is not as good as it could be. My personal aim is to have kind of a Bulgarian conversation before my departure back home. But I'm confident that I will improve. Moreover I started with an additional project which is about cooking, baking and also some nice excursions. The excursions will start in spring because the weather right now is not very nice for trips. I will tell you then in a few months about it. Until then have a nice time and I hope you enjoyed my article.

Impressions of Wroclaw

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