Two Young Bulgarian Youngsters Share Their Experience During their Youth Exchange in Bucharest, Romania

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A Week in Bordeaux Visiting Our Friends at the MFR du Bergeracois

We visited our partners in Bordeaux to participate in the Semaine de l'Europe organised to improved international professional mobility within the frame of the Erasmus+ programme.


5 Young Bulgarians Share Their Experiences During the Youth Exchange 'Yes, I Can'

Meet with the wonderful youngsters who participated in a YE in Torun, Poland and talk about the project.

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108 migrants returned back home thanks to an International Project

International project "Bridges of good neighborhood” provides assistance for immigrants from third countries,who are willing to return voluntarily to their homeland. Volunteers who want to return to Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and the other CIS countries are provided with transportation to their homeland and first aid support up to 250 €. Those, who want to start their own business at home, may also receive funding. For this purpose they must fill in a form with their business idea . In this project cooperate NGOs from Germany, Bulgaria, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia, Dagestan,Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and others. Coordinator of the project is the German organization AWO-Heimatgarten, and on the territory of Bulgaria partner on the projects is Association FOR YOU in Varna . The project is funded by the EC in the scope of the Fund for Cooperation with third countries in the field of migration and its total value is of 1 973 057 €.

Since the beginning of the project - 04.2009 by the end of 2010, back to their countries have returned 108 people residing in Germany (69), Poland (37) Balaria (2). The main destinations of return are Russia (37) and Dagestan (28), Armenia (13), Azerbaijan (11) and Kazakhstan (6), Georgia (5), Ukraine (4), Belarus (3) and Moldova (1 ). Another 50 people are in process of return. All returnees received money for transportation or a return ticket was purchased for them . Most of them received first aid support . Two families also received funds to start their own business. 58 were men and 50 were women, average age of the returnees is 29, 42 of them are under 18 years. 

Interesting facts as a result of the project activities is that the volunteers , willing to leave Germany return mostly to Russia. All immigrants from Poland, received assistance for return, identifie them selves as Chechens. Unlike Poland and Germany, where the majority of foreigners seeking support reside legally in the country, those willing to leave Bulgaria, reside illegally or have no status to reside in Bulgaria. 
Since the beginning of the year one more person returned back from Bulgaria to Russia. B.M. entered the country legally but subsequently his visa expired and he applied for obtaining the humanitarian residence status. After two months of stay in the National Agency for Refugees, B.M. voluntarily decided to return to his hometown - Rostov. On 21,01,2011 the person returned successfully and subsequently received an furs aid support of 250 €. After his return B.M. continues to receive support and advice from partner organization – Association of migrant organization in Stavropol region "Solidarnosty”.

Persons residing in the territory of our country and willing to return back to his homeland may do so until 09.2011 when the project ends. For this purpose, they shall complete a questionnaire form and send it to the Association FOR YOU. The questionnaire can be obtained at the office of the association or the association's website and blog :
Association FOR YOU thank all individuals, organizations and institutions who helped us and continue to help us to successfully return all volunteerd. Without their support, we couldn’t succeed.

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