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Which countries did we explore at our international event and what had they to share?


Young people become volunteers with full support under the European programme for the first time in Bulgaria.

This project includes 11 young people from Bulgaria who will do their volunteering service in Varna


2 Bulgarians Share Their Experience in Sicily during the Youth Exchange ‘CulturART’

Check out what Nenko and Seta have to say about their 9-days experience in Sicily!

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First meeting EVS „Get ready! Varna European Youth Capital 2017!“

         On the 9th of February there was a first meeting between some of the volunteers and interns in Varna and their coordinator Dilyana. Association „FOR YOU“ wanted to welcome all of them in their office;)
       Daria from Poland, Marie-Gabrielle from France, Laura from Lithuania, Assia from Germany and Miranda from Cyprus - these new volunteers will spend memorable 10 months in Varna city. Also the interns Joeri and Jan, the beautiful twins form Belgium, are ready for their 4 months adventure in the sea capital of Bulgaria. So..are you ready?

        Of course, first of all people introduced themselves and their previous experience in the office. Lovely and curious Daria, 25 year old girl, is not a newcomer in Bulgaria. She already had her cultural studies in Veliko Tarnovo university for 1 year and speaks Bulgarian quite well. Her new position – to be a volunteer in an association “For you“. Charismatic 25 year old Marie-Gabrielle already had an experience in Varna. She lived here for three months and was a trainee in an office „Alliance Francaise“. She liked the office and decided to extend her being here for the ten months as an EVS volunteer.
         Cheerful 29 years old Assia – a bulgarian girl, which reemigrated to her homeland from Germany is full of enthusiasm and ideas which she wants to carry out in her native city. She will work in a youth center "Hale3", especially by focusing on the promoting of roller skating and other activities for the youth. Lovely 29 year old Laura will work in association “For you” and will help to promote the EVS, youth activities and etc. She can already read in cyrillic alphabet and has an experience in promotion so she hopes to adapt here very well. And finally 26 year old Miranda - the owner of a beautiful smile. She already has considerable experience in working with youth projects in her country, as well as participated in a number of youth exchanges before coming here. So she will help to organize the events for “Varna European Youth Capital 2017 ". Wonderful 20 years old trainee Jan will work in association “For you” and will organize the workshops for disabled people and other activities, his twin brother Joeri will help to promote a new bakery in the center of Varna.

         During the meeting, all the volunteers were introduced to the principles of EVS, also their responsibilities and rights, other useful information. Probably the most difficult moment during the meeting for all was to identify the expectations and fears of their EVS or internship and to tell it for everybody…but it is good to share your emotions. Of course, the culmination of the meeting was the tasting of Bulgarian pizza with wonderful Sirene cheese, it disappeared very fast..:) In the end of the meeting everybody were happy and ready for their unforgettable experience in Varna – the European Youth Capital 2017 :)

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