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First words to learn in bulgarian? torbichka - you will hear it many times while doing your groceries. Later - chasha, when you start to order chasha cherveno vino.


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Let's check which countries did we explore this time in our intercultural event!


Professionals and students met in Varna to discuss the good practises in international professional mobilities

Association FOR YOU organized an event aimed for students, young people and professionals at HALE3 Varna

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The summary about international steering committee in Varna for the project The European Gateway

      On the 11th and 12th of May 2017 Association FOR YOU organised an international steering committee for all the organisations and partners involved in the project  The European Gateway,  Erasmus+, K2. You can read more about the purposes and aims of European Gateway in a previous post on our blog.

      The meeting was held in Varna – European Youth Capital 2017 in the Youth House of the city. Over 30 people participated in this Technical committee, including  8 partner organisations from 5 European countries: Bulgaria, France, Spain, Greece and Italy (Association FOR YOU, Uniser Italy, RFMFR Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Cemea AquitaineCOPAE Ilis, CFA Gustave Eiffel Bordeaux, Esmovia - Training and Mobility, Praktica, Training & Consulting), as well as representatives of local and international companies, interns and volunteers.

     On the first day the committee worked on planning the content of the website LEFE. All participants discussed the different parts of the toolkit - for trainees and interns, for businesses and companies, and for teachers, created by different partners. In the afternoon the participants were divided by groups and discussed the strong and the weak  aspects of the toolkit. In the end the results of the workshop in groups were summarised and each group presented their insights. This was particularly important part of the meeting as it marked the achieved results as well as aspects that need improvement regarding website creation and development.



On the second day of the event, the partners were engaged in arranging the professional mobilities, planned in the project - each country will send and receive a number of trainees and interns. The members of all 8 organisations discussed the programme of the internships, the profile of the candidates and their main tasks. Each partner organisation shared their expectations regarding the results of the professional mobilities.


The training of trainers and the preparation of the Forum the European Gateway were also a big part of the second day of the international Steering committee. In the end of the meeting new task were distributed among all the partners, in accordance to the planned activities and the aims of the project.


 We at Association FOR YOU, are happy for the cooperational spirit of our participants during the event and the results achieved during the international meeting. For more information, news and updates about the project, you can follow the Facebook page: The European Gateway

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