The European Gateway in Action: Bulgarian Interns in Bordeaux

In March 10 people from Bulgaria went to Bordeaux for a two-week professional mobility within the frame of Erasmus + Programme.


The European Gateway in Action: Meet Marie, a French Intern in Alliance Francaise Varna

Marie was in Varna for 3 weeks in February along with 40 other French interns. Read about her experience in our town.


The European Gateway in Action: Meet Nicolas from France Intern in Cafe Ole, Varna with

Nicolas Delclite came for 3 weeks in Varna along with 40 other interns from MFR La Force, Bordeaux, as a part of the project

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“The journey goes on a new horizons” - exceptional Youth Exchange in Kranevo, Bulgaria.

Last week I got opportunity to participate in a Youth Exchange with 50 other people from Bulgaria, Italy, Romania, Turkey, Portugal, Slovenia, Poland and Netherlands. Project “The journey goes on a new horizons” took place from 23rd of September 2017 to 1st of October 2017 in Kranevo. It is a resort village not so far from Varna, quite dead at this time of the year, but it doesn’t really matter when atmosphere created by participants is so spirited.  


To give some hint for those, who have never heard about something like a Youth Exchange, it is one of the programs under the Erasmus +. It gives opportunity for young people all around the world to meet and work together on a certain topic.

You can read more about this idea here.

I was a part of a Bulgarian team together with three other youngsters: Vasko, Ivan and Viktor, who cooperate with Association For You at different levels. They participate in other similar projects, help as a volunteers or are involved in workshops of Социална работилница "За Теб". The other two participants, Nikolay and Antonina, besides being a part of the team were at the same time helping in preparation and organisation of the Youth Exchange. Project was organised by Rock Solid Foundation for International youth work from Netherlands in cooperation with their partners: Zavod ODTIZ, H20, Asociatia DOWN, Gencgider, Rainbow Group and Association FOR YOU. But people to whom we should thank for all this fuss are Chris van Maanem as a main trainer and Antonina Atanasova as a facilitator.


What have we been doing? As it is an informal way of education, and because accent was put on integration of people with and without different disabilities, as well as on sharing our cultures, we did many team-building games, intercultural evenings etc. There were also some outdoor activities in Varna as well as in Kranevo so that we could make contact with local people. Ah! We should not forget about having many conversations in between as well.







It was definitely a good boost of energy before the Autumn!

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