The European Gateway in Action: Bulgarian Interns in Bordeaux

In March 10 people from Bulgaria went to Bordeaux for a two-week professional mobility within the frame of Erasmus + Programme.


The European Gateway in Action: Meet Marie, a French Intern in Alliance Francaise Varna

Marie was in Varna for 3 weeks in February along with 40 other French interns. Read about her experience in our town.


The European Gateway in Action: Meet Nicolas from France Intern in Cafe Ole, Varna with

Nicolas Delclite came for 3 weeks in Varna along with 40 other interns from MFR La Force, Bordeaux, as a part of the project

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Bulgarian meals cooking workshop in a Place For you

       On the 7th of October we had a cooking workshop in a new home for social activities „Place For you“. The place is well prepared for such initiatives and the spacious kitchen can fit a lot of cooks ☺

       The workshop was open for everyone. As always, some of the participants were youngsters with dissabilities, which are members of Association For you. Another group of  people with dissabilities, which live in a shelter close to the Place For You, were also invited. Besides, we had participants which just were interested in the event from the announcement in our Facebook page and a few volunteers of Association For You.



        During the workshop we cooked traditional Bulgarian dishes: a salad „katk“ (Катък), a traditional pie with sirene cheese and eggs “banica” (Баница) – the queen in bulgarian cuisine, also we made “kiufteta” from pork meat. Besides these, we have also prepared something sweet – pumpkin jam (Сладко от тиква).

       We started with “banica”: was not so easy to put exact amount of tasty filling from eggs, yogurt and sirene cheese on a thin leaf of dough. But the procedure was fun and everybody made his own rounded piece of pie. After that we prepared the meat balls - “kiufteta”. We were enjoying the making of our own small ball of meat by hands and to wait for it to get ready in a frying pan. After this a few participants showed initiative to prepare their own salad: „katk“ from Bulgarian yogurt, paprikas, and garlic. The nice smell of garlic and paprika filled our cozy place.





       After few hours of preparations we finally prepared the table for tasting the meals. Everyone waited impatiently to try the results of the work. It was nice atmosphere when we tasted the delicious homemade meals altogether.



           During the whole evening, a few cooks spent the time around the kettle and took care about a big pot of the pumpkin jam, which at the end was bottled in cute small jars and given to every participant. It was the final accent of the evening. Everyone went home happy, with a full stomach and a small present to remember the evening.

           We hope soon to cook something tasty from the exciting Bulgarian cuisine!



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