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Which countries did we explore at our international event and what had they to share?


Young people become volunteers with full support under the European programme for the first time in Bulgaria.

This project includes 11 young people from Bulgaria who will do their volunteering service in Varna


2 Bulgarians Share Their Experience in Sicily during the Youth Exchange ‘CulturART’

Check out what Nenko and Seta have to say about their 9-days experience in Sicily!

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The training Make your own way and the impressions of the participants

In October Association FOR YOU participated as a partner in the training "Make your own way" in Kayseri, Turkey, organized within the frame of  Youth in Action programme. The training was on the topic youth unemployment and entrepreneurship and it was conducted with the methods of  non-formal education: role playing, teamwork, discussions, theater and more. During the training, the participants discussed the youth unemployment in Europe and it’s future trends, shared their experiences, learned some tricks for a successful job application and learned how to turn their ideas into reality. The total number of participants was 21 people from Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic and Spain. Besides our representative Radomira, two youngsters from other organizations in Bulgaria, took part in the training: Assya from Academy G.L.O.W. and Georgi from the Bulgarian Youth Forum.

Here's what they shared with us:

"For me, the training in Kayseri was gathering valuable experience in the field of non-formal education, learning more about the economic realities and the youth unemployment in different European countries (and Turkey) and of course many new contacts .... It was an amazing adventure and I hope the beginning of many joint activities! Me personally, I participate in such training for a second time, and  I can say that this is a great opportunity for every young person who wants to improve his/herself and gain new experiences and knowledge on various topics within the non-formal education. I met so many people from different countries and we had a lot of fun together! This is a great opportunity that I strongly recommend to everyone! "

Assya, Association G.L.O.W.

"This training impressed me with its very good logistics. Everyone could feel the highly responsible attitude of the organizers when handling with the material and intellectual resources of the project. All participants understood what is in fact the non-formal education. Personally, I got back my faith in the meaning and the use of  the youth projects, and I definitely want to organize such next year in my home country. "

Radomira,  Association FOR YOU

".... The main idea in our sessions during the training was to get to our own conclusions in a non-formal way and learn from each other. For that reason all activities were extremely successful. Participants in the training were able to create together a "dictionary of globalization", in which we defined and discussed various youth policies, youth unemployment, political decisions to be taken at national and supranational level, the future of the youth etc..

….This training proved my belief that in Europe there are young and intelligent people who have ideas and have sufficient knowledge and information to find the way to implement them. I found my way in Kayseri "

Georgi, Bulgarian Youth Forum

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