Taste&Share Fourth Edition

Which countries did we explore at our international event and what had they to share?


Young people become volunteers with full support under the European programme for the first time in Bulgaria.

This project includes 11 young people from Bulgaria who will do their volunteering service in Varna


2 Bulgarians Share Their Experience in Sicily during the Youth Exchange ‘CulturART’

Check out what Nenko and Seta have to say about their 9-days experience in Sicily!

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Association FOR YOU organized presentations about European Voluntary Service in the Technical University and the University of Economics


EVS presentation with volunteers in Varna

The first and second presentation took place the 16th of April at 9.00 and 11.00 in the Technical University-Varna. Two of the EVS volunteers of Association FOR YOU: Marina (who is developing her service in the International Relations office in the University of Economics) Cristina, and the coordinator, Elina, gave a brief description to the students about what’s EVS.  Elina started with an introduction to explain the main points of the European Voluntary Service. He focused her introduction on What´s EVS?, What it can offer?, the requirements to participate, the types of work volunteers can develope and the countries where people can go volunteering. Cristina and Marina explained their personal experiences as EVS in Varna. They talked about the kind of work they do and the main impressions about the country, lifestyle...


The third presentation was held in the same day in the University of Economics-Varna at 17.00. Like the previous time, there was an introduction about EVS. After that some EVS volunteers described their work and shared some impressions about their voluntary service. In this presentation participated Cristina, Marina, Elina and Radomira, a Bulgarian ex EVS volunteer in Brazil.


EVS: an opportunity to live and work abroad

This initiative wants to promote the youth mobility in general and the European Voluntary Service in particular. There is still a big lack of information regarding the possibilities European projects like EVS can offer to young people. The presentations aim to let youngster know about this possibilities through information and the personal experiences of the people who has participated in EVS or is still doing it.

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