Taste&Share Fourth Edition

Which countries did we explore at our international event and what had they to share?


Young people become volunteers with full support under the European programme for the first time in Bulgaria.

This project includes 11 young people from Bulgaria who will do their volunteering service in Varna


2 Bulgarians Share Their Experience in Sicily during the Youth Exchange ‘CulturART’

Check out what Nenko and Seta have to say about their 9-days experience in Sicily!

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Presentation about the European Voluntary Service in the First Language School in Varna


Presentation about the European Voluntary Service

in the First Language School in Varna



On Thursday, 15th May, the German volunteers Anna and Veronika and the Italian volunteer Matteo were glad to introduce the young students in 10th grade to the great opportunity of becoming a volunteer in the Erasmus+ program. They got to know that there are no special skills needed. So any person between 17 and 30 years can take this chance to go abroad and experience a new culture, get to know lots of international people and extend his or her knowledge.








The students seemed to be quite interested in this topic. We also underlined that an EVS can be a preparation to get to know a country better. Some people plan to study in a particular foreign country and the time of your EVS can make you more confident about life in this country. Therefore, it will be easier afterwards to go to university there. But as Matteo told to them, a European Voluntary Service can be useful at any time in one’s life. For instance, he had already finished his studies and was looking for a different experience. So he chose this opportunity to see life from a different point of view and to be involved in activities that he likes.






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