Taste&Share Fourth Edition

Which countries did we explore at our international event and what had they to share?


Young people become volunteers with full support under the European programme for the first time in Bulgaria.

This project includes 11 young people from Bulgaria who will do their volunteering service in Varna


2 Bulgarians Share Their Experience in Sicily during the Youth Exchange ‘CulturART’

Check out what Nenko and Seta have to say about their 9-days experience in Sicily!

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Spanish and French presentations in the Fourth high school in Varna






Spanish and French presentations in the Fourth high school in Varna

In the time from 8th to 11th April, Spanish volunteers from Varna, Shumen and Sofia and French volunteers and Leonardo Da Vinci interns proudly presented the benefits of being a European Voluntary Servant and introduced the students to their countries and home cities. They also told them a little more about interesting facts among their culture. For instance, the Spanish explained the differences between Spanish and Catalan. Moreover, the French showed a short movie clip about the origin of some French expressions.

The students were very interested in the opportunity of the EVS but also in getting to know these international people and to listen to their stories. The volunteers talked in their mother tongues. So the language students would have the pleasure to listen to some native speakers which was also a big benefit for them. Also after the lessons, some students came to the volunteers to ask more questions and had nice conversations with them. Everybody enjoyed a lot sharing the experiences of his or her EVS time and to promote it among the young people.

The last day of the presentations, from the morning until noon there was a stand next to the main entrance of the school building with two Bulgarian members of Association FOR YOU who informed the interested students. For both of them had already gained foreign experiences as volunteers, they could answer all the questions of the students.


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