The European Gateway in Action: Bulgarian Interns in Bordeaux

In March 10 people from Bulgaria went to Bordeaux for a two-week professional mobility within the frame of Erasmus + Programme.


The European Gateway in Action: Meet Marie, a French Intern in Alliance Francaise Varna

Marie was in Varna for 3 weeks in February along with 40 other French interns. Read about her experience in our town.


The European Gateway in Action: Meet Nicolas from France Intern in Cafe Ole, Varna with

Nicolas Delclite came for 3 weeks in Varna along with 40 other interns from MFR La Force, Bordeaux, as a part of the project

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Nice to meet you, Charlie!



My name is Charlie, I’m 23 years old, and I come from Perigueux in France where I study City planning and tourism development. I used to live in Avignon which is located in south-east of France near to Marseille. I had to do an internship for my first year of studies and my school was encouraging us to do our internship abroad so I chose to do it with the Leonardo Da Vinci program.


So why Bulgaria and why Varna ? Actually I didn’t really chose to come here I wanted to do my internship in a country I’ve never been before to discover a new culture and another way of living, the fact is that I chose the project more than the place. When i was searching for a placement I found the project of Association FOR YOU  which pleased me a lot.

Now I’m glad to be here in Varna because it’s a pluricultural city and I’ve already met a lot of nice people coming from Bulgaria and lots of other countries. During my internship I’m going to involve myself in a lot of different projects which will help me to improve my professional skills and also my knowledge in the English and the Bulgarian language. I also think that going in a foreign country will be such a good experience to open my mind on how things are going abroad from France.

The only thing that I regret from this internship is that I’ll only stay for 3 months which, at my sense, is too short to really integrate yourself in a country you’ve never been to before.

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