About BULGARIA in few words.

First words to learn in bulgarian? torbichka - you will hear it many times while doing your groceries. Later - chasha, when you start to order chasha cherveno vino.


Taste & Share Christmas edition

Let's check which countries did we explore this time in our intercultural event!


Professionals and students met in Varna to discuss the good practises in international professional mobilities

Association FOR YOU organized an event aimed for students, young people and professionals at HALE3 Varna

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EVS in Bulgaria


EVS in Bulgaria


The project “EVS in Bulgaria” is a partnership between a Belgian and a Bulgarian organisation: Dynamo International and FOR YOU. It includes a young volunteer from Mons (Belgium) who spent one month in Varna, Bulgaria. Sara was involved in the art activities which Association FOR YOU organizes for youngsters with disabilities in order to organise their leisure time and she also promoted the volunteering on local level. This project covers two topics: the animation work with disadvantaged people and the promotion of the voluntary activities for the youth.

Sara helped the organisation as far as possible in organising different events, seminars, informal trainings and  took part in their media coverage through small articles. She was supported to realise personal activities according to her interests and her own ideas. The main working methods are the acquisition of competences by artistic creation, teamwork, peer education and participation in various informal activities.


The aims of the project are to develop solidarity between youngsters of different social background, to include the youngsters in activities focusing on social inclusion of people in disadvantage situation, to foster youngsters active participation, their creativity and entrepreneurship. Moreover, by its international character, the project aims at promoting the mutual understanding between young people from different countries and different cultures, and at promoting the volunteerism and the participation of the youth in social initiatives.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission within the scope of Youth in Action programme administrated in Bulgaria by the National Centre "European Youth Programs and Initiatives" . ". The contents of this publication / newspaper / brochure / does not reflect the position of the European Community program "Youth in Action" or NCEYPI.