About BULGARIA in few words.

First words to learn in bulgarian? torbichka - you will hear it many times while doing your groceries. Later - chasha, when you start to order chasha cherveno vino.


Taste & Share Christmas edition

Let's check which countries did we explore this time in our intercultural event!


Professionals and students met in Varna to discuss the good practises in international professional mobilities

Association FOR YOU organized an event aimed for students, young people and professionals at HALE3 Varna

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Projects and Programs

Get ready! Varna European Youth Capital 2017!

Presentation of the latest project of Association FOR YOU: Get ready! Varna European Youth Capital 2017! 2016-3-BG01-KA05-035416

Voluntary Wave 2015-1-BG01-KA105-013491

Information about Association FOR YOU's project Voluntary Wave 2015-1-BG01-KA105-013491

Volunteering in Varna

Volunteering in Varna

Varna - city of volunteers

Varna - city of volunteers

EVS in Bulgaria

Belgian and Bulgarian partnership - short term project

EVS for all

International long term exchange

International youth exchange See over Seas!

See over Seas! is a bilateral youth exchange between Bulgaria and Spain and will be hold during 22.04.2013/29.04.2013 in Varna, Bulgaria.

Reintegration Center Armenia (RECEA)

RECEA aims at helping Armenian migrants to return and reintegrate in their homeland.

Young and informed

Thе project „Young and informed” is an exchange between organizations in Romania and Bulgaria.

Make Your Own Way

Seminar for unemployed youngsters to develop initative

Social inclusion through art

Thе project „Social inclusion through art” is an exchange between organizations in Hungary, Spain and Bulgaria.

''Chance for the youth

This project is an exchange between organizations in Iceland, Germany, Russia and Bulgaria. It includes three young volunteers

Social inclusion of youngsters and children with disabilities

This project is an exchange between organizations in Turkey and Bulgaria. It includes one oung volunteer from Istanbul, Turkey, who will spend 10 months in Varna, Bulgaria.

“Meet Europe''

“Meet Europe” is a multinational youth exchange between Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia, Armenia and Ukraine, and will be hold between 19.09.2011 and 26.09.2011 in Bremerhaven, Germany.

Jewelry workshop

“Jewelry workshop” is a pilot project of Association FOR YOU. It includes five young people with physical and mental disabilities

Network Elderly Care (NEWA)

Nowadays, the sector elderly care is a changing and growing sector and the structures and systems of elderly care differ in the various European countries

Project 'Bridges for good Neighborhood'

The goal of this project is to prevent illegal migration from Russia and in Russia, and to improve opportunities for legal migration

Project SATURN

"SATURN" is an abbreviation for "Social Advice, Return and Support Networking Project for the Ukraine" as are the tasks and objectives of the project