Find out what Tracey Gillen from Ireland thinks about Bulgaria and her staying in Varna.

The Association For You doesn’t deal just with an EVS projects. As you probably already know, from time to time we host interness as well.


International youth exchange for youngsters with different abilities and disabilities “The Journey goes on to new horizons”

International youth exchange for youngsters with different abilities and disabilities “The Journey goes on to new horizons”


Long-term EVS is not the only option - meet our volunteers from Italy!

Ergisa, Marta and Salvatore are volunteers who visited Varna just for the short-term EVS project and probably they enjoy their summer in Italy right now.

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Services and Activities

Association 'For You 'offers the following services: 

Social assistants and home helpers - all day or hourly, the goal is to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities and persons living alone. Employees performing these services are well trained and experienced, which ensures quality implementation of these activities.

Social assistants helps individuals in communicating and maintaining social contacts, and if necessary, by administrative, medical and other services. The activity of social assistant aimed at reducing the risk of isolation and the risk of dependence on institutional care. Social assistant works in a team with other professionals (general practitioner, social worker, psychologist, psychiatrist, educator, defectology etc.) and relatives of the consumer.

Home helper assist for cleaning, maintaining personal hygiene, food preparation, preparation and assistance with eating, buying food and other products.

Information services to disadvantaged people;

Free internet access;

Computer literacy consulting - Individual and group consultations for children and adults to acquire computer skills, consultancy and assistance at home;

Consultations for the acquisition of language skills for children and adults;

Socio-legal advice - In The Association work highly qualified professionals who can satisfy your need for information on social matters. Consultations are carried out in the office of the organization and/or by phone. 

Advice to parents of children with special educational needs. Forming a parent therapy   with a social psychologist. 

Supporting parents in the use and production of PECS for children with autism and other communicative disorders. / Picture Exchange Communication System / "system of                 communication through the exchange of symbolic cards" PECS