Skills developed as an intern in Bulgaria

Being a volunteer in another country is not an easy task – you meet up with lots of challenges and culture shock, but most importantly you learn many new things. See what is to be an intern in Bulgaria through the eyes of Claudia from Germany, who’s been part of the team of Association FOR YOU these past few months. Check out what she has learned so far!

… Bulgarian language:

Тhe Cyrillic writing seems to be very different and difficult to learn, however I took the challenge and started learning the Bulgarian language from the very beginning. With only a few words you can already start to read the signs in the streets and have your first small talk at the bakery or market.

… Varna-a city of cats 

Behind nearly every corner you see a street cat or even kitten. They belong to the city as the seagulls in the sky. Some of them settled at the port or in the nearby restaurants in the city where the food is easy to get.

… Golden autumn

The leaves start falling down, but the sun is still shining in Varna and makes a walk along the beach or even a swim in the black sea a great experience and nice opportunity to enjoy nature after work. And if you are a morning person: You can enjoy the beach with less people in the early hours of the day during a beautiful jogging route at the beach and just dive into the refreshing water afterwards😊


… Feeling lonely?

Just go to Hale3, there you can meet people all day long, play table tennis, a board game, join an artistic workshop, have a coffee at the terrace or try out your skating skills. It’s a unique, alternative and vivid place and a great chance to see something of Varna’s sportive and artistic side.

… Good food

Bulgaria has a great cuisine containing a variety of cheese, fresh vegetables from the market and of course homemade Rakia. Banitsa is a great pastry, every bakery is offering and it’s a delicious snack you can always eat.

… Take a bus and explore!

Bulgarian public transport is quite cheap and brings you to nearly every town. Rather you search for a nice destination in advance or you just get off when you hear the adventure calling. You can even buy your ticket on the bus or train. 😊