What It’s Like To Work With Your Friends – Eli from HALE 3 Tells Us About It

Each of us probably knows a positive and invigorating, always smiling person – this is Ellie from Hale 3! She is one of those artistic personalities who see the world differently and inspire usIf you want your day to be sunny, read her interview 🙂

Hello Eli. Please introduce yourself with a few words!

Hello, I am Eli! I am a volunteer at Hale 3 and I do drawing, graphic design, working with children, and any other activities I can help in Hale 3.


Is this your first time volunteering?

I have volunteered for film festivals like the Golden Rose. However, this is my first participation as a volunteer in such a program and I really like it.

How did you find out about the project?

I saw an ad on a job website. I was very happy when I saw the opportunity because I have been visiting Hale 3 for a long time and I like the things they do. I also like the people who deal with them and I wanted to participate in some way, but I wanted to be needed. To be useful. I was very happy! This is a good opportunity for development to be in a place that is full of potential and opportunities. It gives you a basis to do your favorite things, to meet people with common interests and views.


Tell us more about your tasks in Hale 3?

In addition to customer service and bartending, I also deal with graphic design, production of advertising materials, communication with people on social networks, as well as the maintenance of social networks. We recently opened an art store where we collect works of art by independent Bulgarian artists*. This is one of our tasks – store maintenance, search for participants, inventory care, and advertising. In addition, I get involved with absolutely everything I can help – when we repair something or paint. For example, now I draw a sign for Hale 3 – in general, we always find what to do.

* you can find the new Instagram dedicated especially to works of art, which can be found in the art store of Hale 3 – HERE.


What are some challenges you have experienced while volunteering?

There are challenges in volunteering only on a personal level, in my opinion, since you are facing your own motivation to work. When you volunteer, you are the one who has to take the initiative. You are in control of your actions. Every day there is an opportunity to do something if you look for tasks. The good thing is that in volunteering – everything you do, you know you do of your own free will. Even the most difficult thing that you take on as a task does not seem so difficult to you, because you do it of your own free will. Nobody makes you do it. You do it because you have decided so.


What is your favorite thing about the project?

In general, there is not one thing that is my favorite. I love working with my friends, building and creating new things together each day. I like how easy it is to change something or create something completely new, as long as you want to. I like how people strive for a goal together and that unites them. The motivation is not some reward, but the desire to achieve the goal they set for themselves.

Can you tell us what inspires you?

I am mostly inspired by the work of my colleagues, I learn the most from them. The other good thing is that you directly see the result of your actions and in this way, you get quite motivated when you see that what you are doing leads to real improvements. During the time I’ve been here, I’ve seen Hale 3 change many times, and I’m glad that what we’re doing makes sense. The other thing that inspires me is that I fully support the activities and stand behind the beliefs of the organization. The idea that young people should be active, they should play sports, express themselves through art and that young people shall be given complete freedom to do what they love. 

I love seeing that young people like me have a place to express themselves and show their passions and talents. I like giving them this opportunity. Some of these people are also my friends and  I’m glad that I can finally help them with new opportunities.


How did the pandemic affect your work?

I think the pandemic worked well because it forced us to start things we might have thought about before, but we didn’t have enough pressure or need to do. We started doing a lot more things online, doing live concerts, TV, art shop, which we opened on the site of the bazaars. These are all good things that happened because of the need for them, but in the end, it was for the better. Thus, we have developed our activities much more and reach a wider audience. The situation has made us expand even further and see what we can achieve even with these limitations. In the end, very good projects came out!

The projects we started because of the pandemic will continue after it passes. Both the TV and the store have a great application and will continue to grow. Artists who don’t have a lot of things and can’t go to a gallery or make an online store can come to us. Unlike the bazaars, which are two days old, the store is permanent and can always be seen. And television is a great project because it gives absolute freedom of expression to artists and gives them the opportunity to advertise and say what they want. To tell about what they do.

Have you thought of developing your very own project?

I was thinking of making a painting studio, I still plan to do it. But I want to discuss with others my personal project to be in line with the needs of Hale 3, as the space needs a lot of improvements. I have an idea for a drawing workshop with children. I can also invite guests to teach them to model, or graffiti, to photograph all kinds of activities.


What would you say to young people to motivate them to volunteer?

Embark on this adventure – they will find new friends and feel useful. They will learn many new things and meet many various people with different life paths and feel good.



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