“The young generation can give a lot…” – Polina from “Alzheimer Bulgaria”

It’s time to meet Polly – another young woman from the team of  “Alzheimer’s Bulgaria”! Today she tells us how and why she chose this volunteer cause, and if she found her place as part of it! 🙂

Hello, how are you!?

 I feel great.

Can you please introduce yourself ( where you come from, what you study, what are your main interests)

My name is Polina, I am studying economics and I want, one day, to develop my own business about organizing various events. I like to travel around Bulgaria and abroad. I am always on the move and I like to exercise and follow a healthy lifestyle. I go out with friends and constantly meet new and different people.

Have you been a volunteer before?

I have volunteered several times, but not officially. I sometimes take part in area cleaning initiatives. I have a great enthusiasm to participate in more volunteer activities, especially as I am already familiar in detail with various projects, initiatives, and organizations. Right now, I am happy to be a volunteer on a topic important to me, with which I am improving in the field of dementia and I can be very useful.

Describe us in 2 sentences the place you work in

I am a volunteer in the Alzheimer Bulgaria Association and I am happy to be here. As the organization is extremely active, the activities cover a large scale and I have the freedom to participate in any activity that attracts me. Due to the epidemic situation, most of the work was done from home, and from time to time I visited the office, as well as various cities in Bulgaria.

What motivated you to apply for this internship? 

My family faced Alzheimer’s disease and I remember how difficult it was for everyone in the beginning because there was a lack of awareness. When I heard about the possibility of volunteering in such an organization, I was excited because I really wanted to know more about how to people live with Alzheimer’s, the relationship between the sick, family, and the caregiver, as well as to learn how to react in certain situations.

доброволчески проект

Tell us about your experience as an intern! What were your main tasks?

At first, I started quite timidly because I didn’t know exactly what to expect. I’m used to my tasks being the same, but the good thing is that it wasn’t like that here. Everything was different and dependant on the initiative and the project we are carrying out. Of course, there were also tasks such as translations, correspondence, writing press releases, which I performed quite often. Activities for implementation, budgeting, monitoring of implementation, and others were organized for the various projects.

What are the challenges you are facing?

The whole volunteering project was a big challenge for me. I’m glad I got into it. Some of the things were unknown to me, but with help and support, everything worked out.

събрание доброволци

What is your favorite thing about the whole project/ best experiences?

 I have some very favorite moments. One of them was when me and two volunteers wrote our first project and it was approved. Also, during seminars in Bulgaria, it was extremely nice to gather people and show them that the topic of dementia should not be a stigma and we can talk openly about it without any worries. For us, this was a very big progress, as well as spreading the name of the association.

Did the pandemic affect your work?

Much of the work was done online, but it was still rewarding. When the situation allowed it, we tried to make most of the work face to face. 

What would you say to young people to motivate them to volunteer?

I encourage many of my friends to become volunteers in this field because the younger generation can really give a lot and get a lot more. Just the thought of taking the time and energy for a cause satisfies you, especially when you see how happy the elders are to see you there.

What awaits you after the end of the project? What are your plans for the future?

I find it strange how fast this 1 year has passed. But now we have new projects to implement and I will continue to participate with the organization.



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