Interview with Our French Trainees at Cafe Ole Varna

Read the interviews with 3 young trainees coming from MFR Schools in France. They have spent 3 weeks in Varna doing a traineeship at Cafe Ole Varna – part of Lagard Bulgaria.

My name is Colin and I’m 18 years old

Colin made her internship at Cafe Ole Gladstone in Varna.

1. Do you like Varna, and what do you like here?

I really, really like the beach and the sea garden here it’s so sunny and fresh.

2. Did you hear anything about Bulgaria?

Yeah, at my school, I heard that this country has a lot of green places to visit.

3. What was your first impression when you met Bulgarian people

they’re very different from French people, usually when you go to buy something from the shop people on my country are smiling and being so kind, in Bulgaria they look so cold everywhere, but I noticed that when you get to know them they’re actually so nice.

4. What do you want to visit in Varna

My first idea was to visit the beach and the sea garden, and then I will think about to visit some museum.

5. Do you have future plans, after the project?

to continue my study, and after my study, I will travel a lot around Europe to achieve some knowledge and skills.

6. Do you think that you can improve your English just in this period of time?

 I really don’t know, actually I can if I meet more people from different projects


Hello I am Siti and Iám 20 years old

1. Do you like Varna

Yes but it’s very different from France and the place I live

2. Do you like this place and do you enjoy the food in Coffe Ole

I like to be here and I’m not accustomed to eating from here it is very different from Frace.

3. Do you think this project is helping to improve your English

Yes and no because there are not many people who speak English here so I’m not sure that I can improve it.

4. Your first impression about Bulgaria and the people here

People here are very nice and friendly, that’s my first impression.

5. What’re your future plans

Finish my study and be able to create my own business.

I am Pauline Simonnet, I am 22 years old and I am in technical-commercial BTS in Perigueux.

1. What’s your motivation about this project

Discover other countries and cultures and meet more people so I can improve my English.

2. Do you like this place and the food here in Coffee Ole

Yes that people are very nice and there is a good atmosphere and the food is very different compared to France but one so acclimatized.

3. Does this project helping you learn English, do you actually learn English

No, because the people here don’t speak English.

4. Did you set up a goal before coming in Varna 

Yes, my goal was to discover the methods of working here and to improve my English.

5. What’re your future plans

Succeed in my study, open my own coffee and make people happy.