What is...

Our Mission

Our work is dedicated to increase and to contribute to international exchange among young people all over the globe and to contribute for intercultural understanding, tolerance and positive change on a personal and public level. We aim to improve the lives of young people in a disadvantaged situation by involving them in a variety of programs and projects for leisure activities, trainings, and seminars both in Bulgaria and abroad.

What are...

Our Values

We strongly believe in equal opportunities and social inclusion for all young people regardless of race, sex, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion, or any other status. We respect the right to an equal educational opportunity and the right of a dignified and full life of every young person regardless their background, financial or social status.

This is...

What We Do

  1. We are a sending, receiving and coordinating organization for international voluntary projects under the Erasmus+ programme – European Solidarity Corps (ESC) and before that – European Voluntary Service (EVS).
  2. We organise Erasmus+ traineeships for university students who have already enrolled in higher education and recent graduates. We also write international professional mobility projects for vocational schools from Bulgaria.
  3. We collaborate with a number of local organizations on a variety of projects to develop Varna’s social, cultural, and sports life. The aim of our mutual work is creating various opportunities for personal and professional development of young people. 
  4. We improve the terms of participation in society for youngsters in a difficult life situation by involving them in projects and activities in the fields of non-formal education, continuing education, career development, entrepreneurship and creative work.
  5. We are running a space called PLACE FOR YOU where we organise various workshops for young people in a disadvantaged situation. Most of the participants are with mental disabilities, but we also have local youngsters who volunteer. The “Place” is also a spot for social, cultural, and educational events and initiatives.



Legal Entity Status

Association FOR YOU is registered by Varna District Court on 6 July 2009 as a non-profit legal entity.

Entered the Central Register of Non-profit-making Legal Entities Sector as organization with socially useful activity under № 20090908004/08.09.2009.