Shak tuk-tam Varna – 22th of September, a day with no automobiles on the streets

As a tradition on 22.09.2019 in Varna a few main streets turned completely into pedestrian areas with different kinds of fun activities both for youngsters and elders. We were very happy to take part of this with our fest Shak Tuk Tam as part of the European day with no automobiles in central part of the town. It surely is a great initiative in which more and more people take part with the aspiration for more eco-friendly and active way of life.


If you wish you can also check what happened during previous additions of our mini – festival.


This is how one of the streets looked just from the beginning of the morning!

What happened?

We hung around freely with Varna town people as well as youth from all around Bulgaria. We had a lot of participants who took an initiative to join – volunteers from abroad, as well as some friends enthusiasts who always support us when we are at a local ground. Since cars did not have a way of entrance on the selected streets, we happily put on our rollers and got into some skateboarding with the team of Hale 3.

Many of the events visitors had their very first experience on the boards or the rollers. We were next to them when they fall, when they stood up and got more and more encouraged when they got better. Once again we proved to ourselves that it is fun and amazing to support each other and learn together.

Skaters and rollers took advantage to the max of facilities inbetween the challengin lessons.

A lot of interest, as per usual was centered towards the table football of sports club DzhaRa. Around them there were groups of kids and young people trying to beat. To balance out the more extreme activities there was a cornet for intellectual fights, holding very challenging games of chess and backgammon. At the end of the No automobile day the team of A place FOR YOU joined with an atelier joined by youngsters and elders and they all painted t-shirts and tote bags which they took as a souvenir. Besides our travelling adventurous fest, the volunteers of Varna 2017 also took part with dances, workshop, table tennis, a space for drawing and much more!

The training of table tennis always gather a lot of participants and watchers.

What brought us most joy and happines?

We are happy that during the event we help those who were curious and wanted to be further informed about youth activities! The youngster learned how to take advantage of the opportunities of volunteering, internships and exchanges locally as well as around the world. As well as always, our team distributed materials and information about the activities of our partners organizations such as Foundation SOS, University of Economics Varna, as well as other initiatives in the city. If you are also interested, you can learn more about the volunteering programs from here. We highly recommend you to take part! If you have any further questions – come and ask us or send us a message. You will receive all information about current projects and how to take part in them.

During the whole day our info desk gathered curious youngsters and our team took care to answer all of their questions.

A lot of gratitute and a look ahead

We are grateful to all of the organizations, volunteers, participants and visitors that took part of “Shak tuk-tam” and No automobile day. You were very wonderful, and the event was unforgettable! More pictures of the event can be found in the album of the Facebook page of Hale 3.

Meanwhile “Shak tuk-tam” keep moving forward! Next stop – Plovdiv, and the dates are 11th and 12th of October. There’s no need to mention that the youths information, the music, table football, rollers and skate are guaranteed as per usual! Even if you don’t know how to roll, no worries – we will help you learn : )

Author: Svetomira Kasabova