4 Skills You Can Develop During Your Volunteering Time

Volunteering is known to be a rich experience, but did you know that it can help you find a job?

During this time volunteering abroad, you will gain some skills that are going to be useful for your future!
Here are 4 skills you will be able to develop during your volunteering and how they are going to be important for your next job:
Don’t hesitate to use those skills and explanation in your resume or during your interviews, and for more information on how to do your resume click here 😉 


Leadership, you will learn

During your volunteering, you are going to be able to test your limits to find out what kind of leader you are and gain confidence. The knowledge and experience you attain will give you the opportunity to be the best leader you can. Your time as a volunteer will help you gain and enhance soft skills. Indeed, you will improve your professional abilities but also your optimism, your capacity to be open-minded, and much more. It is also a good way to get out of your comfort zone by challenging yourself and try new things. It’s a time to experiment, make mistakes, discover, learn, etc. A great experience to become the best version of yourself if you decide to!


Time management, you will manage

More than leadership, volunteering will help you to be organized and teach you how to manage your time efficiently.
Volunteers testify that volunteering helps them prioritize their work between tasks with and without deadlines. This is an important skill to acquire to not feel overwhelmed by everything. Youngsters feel the need to be more versatile and thus to know how to manage their time since society/employers ask them to have those qualities. 



Communication skills, you will improve

During your volunteering, you will need to be able to communicate with different stakeholders.
Volunteers from different projects use to communicate with partners, participants, colleagues, etc. You may also need to have discussions in another language than your mother tongue. Youngsters take this opportunity to increase their communication skills but also their level in certain languages.
In your professional life, this skill will be useful to help you communicate with foreign partners, to be confident during presentations, and even to grow your network. In a foreign country, your capacity to adapt to the way of communication will be a real advantage on your resume. 


Teamwork, you will build

Different tasks or situations will need to be done as a team!
Volunteers often take this opportunity to develop their capacity to work on a group project on a professional level.
After their volunteering, numerous youngsters discover the world of work. Team-work is often asked in job applications. Indeed, start-ups, for example, really love to put stress on teamwork to combine different brains and brainstorm but also to be more efficient. That’s why old volunteers loved to highlight this quality in their résumé. 


All those skills can be combined so you can be the most effective version of yourself and be attractive on the labor market 😉 

So get your chance to develop your skills and start your volunteering 😀


To sum up, here is a visual to help you identify your future skills 😉

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