Angelo from Italy shares his experience in Bulgaria!

Today we introduce you to a young idealist man from Italy who came here to find new ways of development. How did his internship in Bulgaria go and does he plan to stay – read in his interview!

Hello, how are you!?

I am fine! It’s already almost two months that I am here but it looks like I have been here for a very long time. For me, it’s normal to live here and I feel totally at home. This surprises me, but also makes me happy. I am completely satisfied with the environment in which I live.

Can you please introduce yourself ( where you come from, what you study, what are your main interests)

I am Angelo, I am Italian and I come from the south of Italy. I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in sports, my studies are related to sports sciences

My interests are also related to sports, as well as working in an international environment where I can speak different languages. This way you can meet people from all over the world, which is why I am interested in finding a way to live in different countries that I like.

Describe us in 2 sentences the place you work in

The chill vibe is constant when I’m with the people I work with. I am an intern at the Ja-Ra Table Football Club, where we organize sports events with table football, but we also collaborate with skaters or roller bladders. We hold both informal and formal events, such as the one on the beach in mid-August. It was an international event with many table soccer players from all over Europe. 

What motivated you to apply for this internship? 

The field. Public events about sports and healthy lifestyle. Also the international environment as well as the city. Varna was recommended to me as a place with beautiful nature and people.

Tell us about your experience as an intern! What were your main tasks?

My main task is to take care of the maintenance of the football tables – to make sure they are clean, in good shape… Also, I always had to be on time, especially when we have events. When we did an event in the Sea Garden, we had to prepare things in advance in the morning to be ready for the visitors. We take care of each other and make sure that the people at our events feel good, have fun, and are helped when needed.

What are the challenges you are facing?

The challenge for me is to do my job best because I work with people I don’t know. I met them for the first time when I came. For this reason, everything was new to me and communication was difficult. We all need to talk and understand each other perfectly regardless of the language barrier.

What is your favorite thing about the whole project/ best experiences?

My favorite thing is my colleagues, who were very kind to me from the very beginning and we understood each other. They are friendly and left me the freedom to do whatever I want, in terms of giving my best without feeling stressed, but simply to be involved in the activities. So I hope that when I finish my project, I will continue to help them and to collaborate with them because I think they have possibilities for development and improvement.

What inspires you the most?

The initiating way of thinking of my colleagues. They face many problems with institutions and bureaucracy, but they are always determined to complete their tasks and achieve their goals. I have met many, many people, even older than me, who have taught me a lot about how to make your dreams come true and fight, even when you are having a hard time or some obstacles are getting in the way. 

Did the pandemic affect your work?

No, not at all.

If you could sum up your experience in 3 words, what would it be? 

Freedom, meritocracy, funny

Do you have an idea of what you are going to do when you will finish your internship?  

The opportunity to come here was related to a goal I had as a child. I have been here for some time and I decided to continue my stay, so thank you for this internship. He allowed me to get to know a new place to develop my professional skills. Now I want to find a job here and continue and complete my training, as well as to see if I will be able to realize myself professionally in the field of sports here.


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