Presentation at the Sport school

Presentation in the Sport school

The school year is finishing and our volunteer Javier wanted to use this situation to speak with the students of the sports school and tell them his experiences and to advise them how to face some situations they may have to face in the future if they continue practising sports.

The speech was at the Lokomotiv stadium. The students were training when Javier arrived, and they prepare some benches to sit and listen to him. Javier cannot speak Bulgarian so one of the workers of association For You translated while he was speaking.

Javier told them about his experience as a high-level sportsman. He has travelled a lot and has met lots of people, he has been champion and also he has bad years, he has been in the top and also in the bottom level, that’s why he wanted to transmit them how he managed to continue training despite the bad results.

Javier also encouraged them to be volunteers abroad and used his example to show them that you can be abroad and keep training.

The students listened to him carefully and they watched some videos of several competitions in which Javier has participated.

In the end, the students asked Javier several questions he was glad to answer all of them.

Finally all of them took a picture with Javier.