Looking for 2 volunteers for EVS project

Project title: VIVA
City / country: Vilnius / Lithuania
Starting from: 01/09/2011
Ending at: 01/06/2012
Coordinating organization: Culture center “In Actio”
EI number of coordinating organization: 2009-LT-11
Contact person: Jolita Beciene – culture@in-action.eu
Hosting organization: Vilniaus Valdorfo Mokykla (Vilnius Waldorf School)
EI number of hosting organization: 2010-LT-38

Short description of hosting organization:
Vilnius Waldorf school is the school of general education where education is
organized according to the principles of Waldorf pedagogic. In Lithuania there are 4
types of such schools and there are more than 1000 Waldorf schools all over the
world. Waldorf education is a pedagogical approach that takes the child as a starting
point and supports and enriches the development of each child’s potential. Waldorf
school tries to give all-round education that is why much attention is paid not only to
cognitive but also to practical, social and artistic subjects.


Volunteer’s selection criteria:

The main characteristics of the volunteers’ profile we would host should be:
– open-mindedness and flexibility;
– resolution and motivation to gain experience in working;
– responsibility to fulfil the given tasks;
– interest and related activities on art and/or culture;
– adequacy with our aims, objectives and target group

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